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VulGarrity Release "Dance 2 the Grave" Friday at Providence's Colosseum

VulGarrity, one of this month's Band of the Month nominees, release their new album, "Dance 2 the Grave," this Friday at Providence's Colosseum.  VulGarrity have always had a dark, edgy overtone to their music, and they've fully embraced it with this album.  The duo (that's right - and keep it in mind when you listen to their music!) spellbinds live:  they both sing, they rotate drum and bass duty, and they also manage to add layered and harmonizing guitar to the mix via loop pedal.  They nail the epic, swooping guitar licks and double vocals of the hair metal days of yore, while thumping drums and wildly fuzzy bass propel the songs with a more modern groove.

Check out the video for their new single, "Freakshow," here.  Then catch the CD release party - the price of the album is included in admission (which is only $8 advance and $10 at the door), and the show is also a costume party and contest!  Also performing are Echo Son, Arma, and SEXCoffee.

10/22 / Colosseum / $8 adv, $10 door / 7:30pm / All Ages

- The Deli Staff


Review of Gabrahm Vitek's, "Soular Flares"

It seems Gabrahm Vitek was hardly resistant to the band of gypsies that captured him in his sleep. Feeding him nothing but soul, Mr. Vitek has been munchin’ on some funky jazz with some jivy cats. Marginally different from anything I remember hearing at Christopher’s Pizza in 2007, I can assure you that soul-tapped and face-lifted, Mr. Vitek has seen the light.

His latest full length album, Soular Flares, flows as smooth as the lively licks it encases. Gabe has put some serious concentration into making an album that transitions flawlessly. Intentionally starting things out on a train ride to the heart of the record, he breaks things up with three instrumental interludes, showcasing his dive into compositional experimentation as he swims around sounds like Radiohead’s MK1 and Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors.

Sandwiching these Radiohead-esque interludes are effortlessly catchy songs like “Your Turn”, “It’s On”, “You Got Fire” and “No Look Dancing”. (Check out the music video for "No Look Dancing" here). Up-beat and full of soul, you can expect to hear some vibrant horn solos, powerhouse backup vocals, and classic Gabrahm Vitek piano riffs. A delightfully interesting match-up, Gabe’s poppy vocals (at times Ben Folds, at times Jamie Cullum, at times straight Vitek) have a way of jumping around on a bed of jazzy instrumentation, yielding some very fresh originality.

Gabe dresses up his thoughts on love, women, and coming of age through his contagiously danceable beats - however, he doesn’t forget to slow things down with intimate and personal tracks like “Needle + Thread”. Despite this healthy combination, it’s obvious that “No Look Dancing” is the core of the album – allowing listeners to kick off their shoes and let go of the reins.

Soular Flares feels like one of those records where one lightbulb led one artist deep into a cave of invention – remaining reclusive until the music baby was ready to be born. Lucky for us, Gabrahm Vitek will be releasing this gem, polished and perfected, October 22nd at The Basement. Not to mention he has roped in a solid A-team of Nashville’s finest rhythm and groove players. I’ll see you there.--Mackenzie Grosser


GateKeeper's Giza

The electronic duo GateKeeper is back with a new six song ep that will be released on December 13th by Merok Records. The ep is called Giza, and is the follow to last years debut Kompakt's Fright imprint. The duo bends techno, Chicago house, italo-disco and industrial, and rely heavily on synths. On this is ep GateKeeper creates their own world of sound, which seems to have a mythology all of its own. This story is visualized in part in their new video for the track "Chains" from Giza.


Blackbird Blackbird plays opening CMJ Deli show in NYC

For the first time since its inception, this year The Deli has also booked some non-NYC artists for its CMJ showcases. The SF Bay Area is proud to be represented by wondeful "ambient-delic" group Blackbird Blackbird, who will play at The Delancey on 10.19 together with about a dozen of NYC artists including Living Days and The Rassle.


The Deli’s Featured Artist(s) of the Month: Nicos Gun

Recent poll winners Nicos Gun (yes, no apostrophe please) have only been together for a little over a year, but the four-piece’s silky, smooth dance tracks sound surprisingly polished. We had a chance to catch up with co-founder of the band, Barney McKenna, to get the scoop on his beef with Geno’s and Jim’s, playing with guns, plans for a Nicos Gun documentary and more.
The Deli: How did Nicos Gun start?
Barney McKenna: We started when I stopped playing with my band Cortez Cortez (whose album was reviewed on your site). Me and Nick Bockrath (Cortez Cortez bass player) started recording with Harry Zelnick who I've known since I was a teenager (we both grew up in Philly). Harry was a hip hop producer and a friend of mine. Harry has produced for Ludacris, Freeway, and Beanie Sigel. He's the drummer/collaborator now of Nicos Gun. I wrote some songs that Harry helped me produce. Then we began writing stuff together and producing it at a studio on 4th and Callowhill. We’re all into the same type of bands like Prince, LCD Soundsystem, Gang of Four, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Talking Heads, Justice. Andy Black is a great bassist in the area and he joined us for our first show and we’ve been together since then (around September 2009).
TD: Where did the band name come from?
BM: Me and Harry worked at a shoe repair store downtown owned by an old greek guy named Nico. He kept a luger behind the cash register, and we used to pull it out when we closed the store. One time Harry dropped the gun and it went off in the store. There was a hole in the wall that Nico saw, and he fired us after that.
TD: What are your biggest musical influences?
BM: Talking Heads, Prince, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Grandmaster Flash, Beck, David Bowie.
TD: What artists are you currently listening to?
BM: Carsick Cars, Nirvana, MSTRKRFT, Liquid Liquid.
TD: What's the first concert you ever attended and the first album you ever bought?
BM: The first big concert I ever attended was Lyle Lovett. My aunt took me to see him. He had cool hair, and I liked his guitar. I was 8. The first album I ever bought was Nevermind by Nirvana when I was 9.
TD: What do you love about Philly?
BM: I love how many talented people are in this city and how cheap it is to live. Growing up here your friends with every type of race and class. It is a good melting pot of a town where I’ve witnessed very different people hanging out. 
TD: What do you hate about Philly? 
BM: I hate Geno's cheesesteaks and the ignorant people who work there and own that store. I hate Jim's cheesteaks and the idiots who wait in a line around the corner for a shitty fattening sandwich. I hate that there’s becoming fewer and fewer nice venues to play and the urgency for bands to leave the city to gain any type of success. 
TD: What are your plans for 2010? 
BM: Mix our album, release our EP. Continue booking shows in other cities. Making music videos, and finishing a documentary on the band and our life.
TD: What was your most memorable live show?
BM: Jay Reatard at Johnny Brenda’s. 
TD: What's your favorite thing to get at the deli?
BM: Chicken soup 
(Photo by Matthew Dodd)
- The Deli Staff