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TOMORROW: The Deli SF Presents - My First Earthquake, The Dont's, Spiro Agnew and Phantom Kicks plus a DJ Set by H.A. Eugene of Business 80

Just a reminder for you to come out, tomorrow evening, for our latest Deli SF presents show with My First Earthquake (July - 1st half - Artist of the Month), The Dont's (August's Album of the Month), Spiro Agnew (album release show for OH What Model Citizens We Be), Phantom Kicks (July - 2nd half - Artist of the Month) and DJ Set by H.A. Eugene of Business 80 (July's Album of the Month).  Roll over to the Rickshaw at 8pm to for some dance-party fun and enjoy this exciting line-up.


Who is Bad City?

Yes, they are the number one band on our chart, but why. Well, they released their debut album Welcome To Wastleland on August 24th, and announced a major tour with Smashing Pumpkins on the same day. The band plays straight '80's style hair metal and are quite proud. Signed to Atlantic Records, Bad City proves that arena rock lives.


Propaganda Anonymous' "Rapocalypse"

I love Apocalypse rap. I can’t get enough, really. It’s especially exciting to encounter an artist who is well-articulated, imaginative, and earnest while not coming off as superior and overly didactic. With a voice like a rabid pterodactyl, Propaganda Anonymous is raging against the machine. Listening to “Squat the Condos,” it is easy to imagine him dancing around the belly of the beast, feverishly flinging monkey wrenches into the metal guts. The polished electro-hop production pulses and swirls a monstrous and hypnotic backdrop for these stark revolutionary anthems. It’s a dark album, but not without some hopeful glimmerings. It shows you the burning city, but it also shows you that you’re the one holding the torch. - BrokeMC


NJ artists on the rise: Big Troubles

Although New Jersey's Big Troubles point to bands like Lilys, Swirlies and even pre-Loveless MBV as influences, one could make the case for them being the love child of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. "Freudian Slips" has the bouncy happy hooks, head bobbing good vibe with just the right deviation into Reid Brothers sugary "Just Like Honey" smooth vocal textures. "Drastic and Difficult" amps up the sonics, as it all gets bigger and a bit noisier with more upfront and urgent vocals. The band's dissonance kisses the edges of Sonic Youth's abrasiveness, without completely teetering over the edge. "Bite Yr Tongue" drives home the truism that a great hooky guitar lick as the centerpiece of your song is always a win. It careens forward with Pains-like glee until the over-reverberated vocals and MBV style guitar fuzz makes sure there is no confusion with anything twee. "Modern Intimacy" is twisted surf pop that has Annette Funicello dancing with a Zombie, while "Former Selves" is the slow and lush sound providing the blueprint for the current wave of "new gaze" bands. Big Troubles will play as part of the upcoming CMJ showcase at Bruar Falls on October 19. - Dave Cromwell


CD of the Month: Darling

After releasing two well-received ep's Darling is ready to unveil their debut LP, Lights That Last Forever. Darling formed back in 2003, but aside from singer/songwriter Jeff Schneider they are a completely different band. The trio plays their brand of indie pop and have been playing in this current configuartion since 2006. The mixture of Nick Voss' rythemic bass and the driving force of Don Ogilive's drumming make this release sonically compelling.

On their full-length debut the band attempts to tell a story in a way. This is very much a story about dealing with life and all of its dreams and very realities. The album opens with a "Heart Attack" and ends with the hope of coming together in "Gathered". Musically, Darling has never sounded better. Lights That Last Forever will be released on color vinyl, digipak, and mp3 on Sept 28th by Cardboard Sangria.

Darling will be celebrating this release at The Hideout on September 16th with Rachel Eve and Tin Tin Can.