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Levee Drivers, Busses and Paper Cat at The Blockley Sept. 1

If there’s one thing that’s great about Philly, it’s that even on a Wednesday night, there’s a good chance you can find something awesome to do. For example, who would’ve thought that a show like this could happen in the middle of the week? Levee Drivers continue to evoke images of dusty, open roads and girls on the lam with their gritty, barn burning anthems and country rock balladry. Hopefully we won’t lose these Bucks County natives to Nashville, even though they might blow up quicker there. Busses somehow find a happy medium between 90’s indie guitar gods like Built to Spill and older, more “classic” rock gods. And if there’s such a thing as a condensed jam band, Paper Cat (featuring drummer Eric Slick, the newest member of Dr. Dog, and sister Julie Slick) are it. Huge stoner riffs and slightly math-y jams wrapped up in intense three or four minute packages. Hump day isn’t half bad. Blockley Pourhouse, 3801 Chestnut St., 8pm, $7, 21+ - Joe Poteracki

A Whole Lotta Good News from Grandchildren!

Grandchildren have been pretty quiet this summer, but just think of it as the calm before the storm. We’re sure that they are just resting up before what is bound to be a hectic year for the DDG crew. Grandchildren are releasing their long-awaited debut LP Everlasting on Sept. 28 with an album release party on Oct. 8 at JB’s and just announced a U.S. tour with Icelandic indie folk outfit Seabear as well as already booking big gigs in September with Explosions in the Sky, Dum Dum Girls and No Age. Stay tuned folks. This is just the beginning of what should be a great year for the West Philly gang! - The Deli Staff

Saturn Returns by Grandchildren


Album Review: Science & Advice - The Armchairs

It should be readily apparent to anybody with a working set of eardrums that The Armchairs fall firmly in the same camp as a handful of other 60s-esque pop acts cropping up. But where exactly they draw inspiration from is somewhat more of a mystery, because this certainly isn't the simple pairing of Beatles and Beach Boys that we've come to expect. Instead, we're treated to an odd menagerie of Zombies, Kinks, and earlier, goofier Floyd (you know, before the rest of the band decided not to pickup Syd). This is a slight, but welcome, change of pace, and what's even more welcoming is the way they throw it all together. It seems that most bands, when under these prestigious influences, would either a) condense it all into pure power-pop confectionery or b) partake in the more indulgent qualities of psychedelia, to the point of tedium. The Armchairs manage to land it somewhere right in between, a sweet spot of controlled lunacy.

Opener "Grampa Yells Portents at Strangers" starts things off right with crazily shifting time signatures and vocal harmonies. It kind of feels like four songs in one, which proves representative of the album's feel as a whole; tracks are short, almost fragmented, but still intense and fully realized. If there's any obvious single, it's "Little Sammy Ghetz" which begins and ends with an irresistible interlocking guitar riff that makes it hard not to get some muscles twitching.

But The Armchairs seem to know better than to trifle with too many obvious hooks. Why do it the easy way when you can do it the fun way? This is an album populated by guitars, alternately crunchy and spacey, awesomely analog-sounding synths, and joyous harmonies. But it's also populated by mind-melting freakouts like "What For My Cow Eating There?" and tracks like the forty-nine second punk explosion "Harrison Ford". So, to get to the heart of it, Science & Advice is a record that manages to do all of these things with such panache making the album an impressive debut by the oddball but loveable quartet. You can stream and download the album here or purchase it at Punk Rock Payroll where it will come packaged in a handmade travel pillow - perfect for those partiers who never know where they’ll pass out at. (Cover art by Vincent Finazzo) - Joe Poteracki



Dead Man's Bones releases video for "Pa Pa Power"

Dead Man's Bones by Hama Sanders

Very rarely does anthing give me the chills, but this video did. Werewolf Heart/Anti- Records' Dead Man's Bones just released the video for their single "Pa Pa Power". The band filmed the video themselves and I have to say I haven't seen anything quite like it. At almost thirteen minutes, it's worth taking a break out of your day to watch.

Dead Man's Bones is the brain child of actors Zach Shields and Ryan Gosling. Accompanied by the Silverlake Children's Choir, Dead Man's Bones' music is haunting, sincere, a bit folky, and utterly outstanding. Their next show is September 4th @ LA State Historic Park for the FYF Festival.


Magical, Beautiful on Giant System TV

The latest performance on Giant System comes from Magical, Beautiful.