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Deli CMJ Marathon Runners! Submit to get your CMJ show covered.

Once again, during the CMJ week The Deli will unleash 2 Deli Marathon Runners on the streets of NYC, armed with the mission to report about all the most exciting emerging artists and bands playing during the CMJ fest.

This year Alex and Dale have offered to take this Herculean task on their shoulders. Their sole purpose in life - for those 5 days - will be to attend 26 shows each (the number of miles in a marathon) and report about them on this blog.

ATTENTION NYC BANDS! This year 6 of the best emerging artists covered by Dale and Alex will get a print feature in the winter issue of The Deli!!!

ATTENTION NON-NYC BANDS! For the first year, our marathon runners will be allowed to cover a percentage of artists based in the other scenes covered by The Deli

Therefore any band or solo artist playing an official or unofficial CMJ show interested in being featured on the Deli online (and possibly in print) should contact ONE (and only one) of our marathon runners to try and persuade him/her to go to see their live show.

Some of the shows covered by Dale and Alex will be selected from the list of bands and artists that will submit for coverage from now until October 15.


To apply please leave a message using the comment feature under their profiles posted here and here.

Alex and Dale will choose which artists they will try to see perform live (we say try because anything can happen during CMJ because of delays, sold out shows and cancellations).

Don't forget to specify your website or myspace address in the comment! Our Marathon Runners will compile the list of their marathon itinerary a few days before the CMJ Festival kicks off.

Thanks and Good luck!
The Deli Staff


Deli CMJ Marathon Runner #1: Alex

Hi all! I’m really looking forward to checking out this year’s kick ass medley of bands. First off, I am an indie music junkie: I love bands that are creative, distinctive and willing to go balls-out-crazy during live shows. I do not have a specific taste; instead, I am attracted to a wide range of unique sounds – anything ranging from the fuzzy, lo-fi stuff to ear blowing rock. I’m not into bands that are weird for the sake of being “weird” – music does not need to be in-your-face bizarre to be cool. Ultimately, I’m looking for bands that are focused on making good music and having a good time doing it. So send away! Cheers, Vann Alexandra (but you can call me Alex).
To submit your CMJ show for coverage please post a note in the comment section below specifiyng the date and location of your CMJ shows.


Deli CMJ Marathon Runner #2: Dale

Dale likes experimental music because, why not? Life is a series of arbitrary decisions anyway, may as well translate that to our tunes. Jazz is cool, too, but mostly for the same reasons – improv and chance music should be taken more seriously in the musical mainstream. Anyway, Dale grew up in the indie cradle of the Pacific Northwest and has done a lot of very nerdy things in relation to music, in that area. New York treats his sensibilities better.
To submit your CMJ show for coverage please post a note in the comment section below specifiyng the date and location of your CMJ shows.


Jump Down with The Cool Kids

It's finally here, and I hope you ordered your free pair of 3D glasses. Travis Barker has released the video for "Jump Down" which features The Cool Kids.


My My My's War Party

This Friday My My My will be celebrating the release of a new single called War Party. This is a follow-up their latest full-length album Leather Silk which was released back in May.

My My My will be performing at Subterranean on October 15th with Steve Stone, Secondary Modern, and The Hudson Landing.