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Secret Colours @ Beat Kitchen

In anticipation of their album release show on Saturday, Aug. 14th, Secret Colours have released a beautiful cover of The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows”. The bands much anticipated self-titled debut can be streamed at their bandcamp site.

Secret Colours will perform at Beat Kitchen on August 14th with Panda Riot and Geronimo.


Strand of Oaks Survives the Flames at KFN Aug. 10

Seven years ago, Tim Showalter, the one-man architect behind Philly’s folk act Strand of Oaks, was a homeless musician crafting acoustic sermons on the suburban park benches on which he lived. It was an intense life of circumstance - his house burned to the ground and his fiancée left him - and it decidedly shaped his remarkable, heartbreaking debut, Leave Ruin. But you shouldn’t define Showalter by his tragedy - like the debut title suggests, Showalter left disaster behind and is now settled in Philly as a happily wedded husband. And he also just released Strand of Oaks’ sophomore effort, Pope Killdragon, in June, and it’s receiving continuous praise for its daring and spine-tingling folk. No doubt things are going pretty great, so go show him some support tonight at KFN when he opens for One Hundred Dollars. Tinmouth and Family Band will also take the stage. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St, 8pm, $8, 21+ - Annamarya Scaccia videotaping The Ro Sham Bo's at The Tube TONIGHT!!!

I know this is RIDICULOUSLY short notice, considering the show is in, oh, two hours, but ungodly short notice is better than no notice at all, right?

The piano-driven, Tori Amos-esque trio, The Ro Sham Bo's, headed by the ever-so-talented Madeline Williams-Brownlee's burlesque vocals and cabaret-style keys, are playing a FREE show at THE TUBE TONIGHT at 9 pm.

And what's even cooler than a free show? Oh yeah, the fact that mother effing will be videotaping the whole damn thing! So peel yourself off your couch, put on your dancing shoes, and for god's sake, brush your hair so you can look halfway decent on camera.

See ya there!!

-Katrina Nattress


From the Open Blog: Megafauna!

Riding the recent wave of publicity from their fifth national tour, Megafauna is finally releasing its full-length debut album, Larger than Human. Fans and press alike are singing the praises of Megafauna, Austin’s newest rock sensation.

Megafauna features Dani Neff as vocalist/axe-wielding guitar goddess and Will Krause and Cameron Page as her rocking rhythm section. Neff has been called a "sexy maniac" and often comes on stage in a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume, which she then strips off to reveal a skintight leopard print unitard, tutu or a star track mini dress. Neff has been described as a “shredmaster” and consistently stuns audiences with one-million-notes-a-second blasts of power.

“Will Krause and Cameron Page’s brimstone rhythm heed to solos that will melt the seals off seven scrolls,” writes Jeremy Martin from the San Antonio Current. “Neff pulls off several of the moves that eventually required Van Halen to undergo hand surgery.” Austin blog, Big Western Flavor, described Neff’s solos as “blood-curdling, burning flesh.” Called “noise-pop glory” by Detroit blog Deep Cutz, and “grunge rock and metal-inspired madness” by Flagpole Magazine, Megafauna is making quite the impact around the country. One awe-struck fan said that it is a “shocking co-mingling of everything that matters.”

Underground poet Thax Douglas, who has introduced the likes of MGMT and Dirty Projectors, read a poem before Megafauna’s last show at Mohawkand then explained that Megafauna is “one of the best bands on the planet.”

Much like Megafauna’s music and live performances, their newest album Larger than Human is a pastiche. Larger than Human was recorded at four Austin recording studios: Cacophony Recorders, Premium Recording, The Bubble and Cucuy Productions. “It’s an unconventional approach,” Will Krause explains. “We wanted the album to have a unique texture. We thought that recording different kinds of songs at different studios would accentuate the area covered by the album.” “It remains cohesive though,” adds Neff. “We also wanted to offer listeners around the country a sampling of what Austin has to offer in the way of recording.” At Cacophony Recorders, Megafauna worked with Eric Wofford, the man behind the Black Angels’ first album. They also worked with Alex Lyon at The Bubble, a studio that has recorded And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Jet, and Explosions in the Sky.

Larger than Human is heroic and outlandish, at once heavy and poppy, improvisational and staunchly composed. It is Stereolab meets ACDC, featuring vintage metal riffs paired with gorgeous ethereal vocals. The album is epic yet fiercely catchy. One listener noted, “these songs are crazy, but they get stuck in your head.” “Not enough can be said about this band” said Austin blog Cannibal Cheerleader, “they supply a smorgasbord of indie-rock madness for all to enjoy.”

Hole in the Wall will be abuzz on the night of Saturday, August 21st in celebration of Larger than Human’s release. “We’re really excited,” guitarist/vocalist Dani Neff says of the new release, “It sounds fantastic.”

The party kicks off at seven and features eleven Austin indie-rock bands, including Transmography, Red Leaves, Death is Not a Joyride, We the Granada and The Hi-Tones. The event is free before 9:00pm and $3 after 9pm. “We try to make sure all of our shows are cheap,” says Neff. “We don’t want anyone to be turned away because of money.” Austin booking and promotion company, Lucy The Poodle Productions, is putting on the event. “There will probably be a special appearance by our favorite poet and good friend, Thax Douglas,” Neff assures.

Texas and Louisiana tour dates for August and September, as well as more information on buying the CD, can be found at

(Ed.: this post taken from Megafauna's post on our DIY Open Blog, check out other Open Blog posts in the Deli Kitchen.) 


Old Punch Card

Thrill Jockey announced today that the new album from Sam Prekop (The Sea and Cake), Old Punch Card. The album will be released on September 7th, and it is Sam’s first solo record in five years. The album is inspired by early electronic music and avant-garde composition and is comprised entirely of modular synthesizers. There is only one instance of guitar and no vocals or beats.

Sam will be touring with Broken Social Scene this fall and will be playing at The Riviera on October 2nd.