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Photo Recap: Social Studies, Maus Haus, 60-Watt Kid and Mantra @ The Rickshaw 8/7

Photo Recap of Social Studies' Album Release Show

- Ada Lann


Social Studies

Maus Haus

60-Watt Kid











Social Studies
Wind Up Wooden Heart





Photo Recap: Social Studies, Maus Haus, 60-Watt Kid and Mantra @ The Rickshaw 8/7


Chew Heart

I’ve spent the weekend digesting the debut album, Messy Snarls, from Laura Granlund and Curt Swank (aka Chew Heart). The duo has been performing together for the last six years, and finally entered the studio, with the talented Brian Zieske (Gallery of Carpet), to capture some of that live energy. Messy Snarls finds the duo wearing their influences on their sleeves and pouring everything out through their instruments. The album was recorded live and you can tell in the sound, but I feel that adds to the nostalgic feel of the album.

What sets Chew Heart apart is that they do give a subtle nod to their love of ‘60’s pop, but they don’t drown in it like many bands today. In fact I would say they are more influenced by ‘90’s indie rock than anything else. In fact, I would say this band is a combination of Saturday Looks Good to Me and Frente. There is a raw edge, but sweet innocence that ultimately prevails.

Chew Heart celebrates the release of Messy Snarls on Sept. 12th at The Whistler, but you can purchase it from their etsy page for just $5.


From the Open Blog, a "spy video" by David E Beats

The video by David E Beats was directed by Kristopher Rey-Talley, Drew Angle; and shot by Sam Wootton. It's a fast fun and entertaining throwback to blaxploitation films starring actor Alex Goode and actresses Rebecca Hoetzel and Constance Victory. Everything was shot with crash zooms and flat lighting to emulate the 70's low budget style and it was put through a thorough and intense color correct to degrade the HD quality to look like bad 1970's film stock.  - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).



The Hundred in the Hands set to release debut full length on 09.21

Even just signing to Warp Records (the mostly electronic label that hosts among others Grizzly Bear) brings its share of buzz - something that The Hundreds in the Hands have been enjoying for a few months. The Brooklyn band is set to release their debut CD on September 21 and will definitely be one of the hot emerging NYC acts at the upcoming CMJ Marathon. Check out the video of the single "Pigeons".