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Back to the 60s with Lily and The Parlour Tricks, Live at Cameo 08.14

There’s nothing wrong with going retro if you’ve found a good road (and a nice map for that matter). And it seems that cherry-lipped New Yorker Lily Claire (alongside with her band mates, who are hidden under ‘The Parlour Tricks’ title) can handle a trip in a time machine not only without any sickness but with a spark. Most of the times the band travels right to the early 60s (before the underground-psychedelic "contaminating" period) to play with the decade's feel-good attitude - the best number is ‘Oh, Boy’, that brings The Chordettes’ ‘Mr. Sandman’ to mind. Then there’s ‘Gigolo’, that sounds like Lily Allen covering some forgotten Motown’s classic. A moment of sadness comes with ‘The Murder Song’, a tune that your parents could easily have danced to at their prom night. But don’t expect any dust on Lily’s debut EP (set to come out this fall) – this girl knows how to return to 2010 just in time to make her vintage tunes sound fresh. Lily and The Parlour Tricks will be playing at Cameo on August 14. - Mikhael Agafonov


Best of NYC #8: Cymbals Eat Guitars tour Europe

If cymbals do indeed diet on guitars, it’s not without a struggle from the latter if this Staten Island foursome is anything to go on. The guitars here aren’t just passive omnivores, simply serving as prey for the carnivorous drumbeat. Instead, every element sounds like it’s elbowing the others out of the way to take center stage. On Cymbals Eat Guitars' debut album "Why There Are Mountains" they manipulate their guitars to full effect. They act as melody carriers, provide emotional haze and even rip the occasion Prince-esque wiggle. In fact, from the crashing cymbals of ‘And The Hazy Sea’, a six minute “quiet-loud-quiet-loud” epic thrown into reverse to the feedback drenched haze and jaunty brit-pop melody of ‘Indiana’, Why There Are Mountains was one of the most confident guitar albums in recent memory, and one fully deserving of the good vibrations generated by the hype machine in first quarter of 2009. The band is currently touring Europe - their next NYC show (at Irving Plaza) is scheduled for mid October. - Dean Van Nguyen



We recently brought you the details of the new album from Tub Ring, and now the band has released ar new video for the song “Flash” from Secret Handshakes. The video premiered last week at Friday Night Videos.


Album Review: Residents - Post Post

In Residents, Post Post’s follow-up to their promising debut Meta Meta, you find them moving from the Garage(band) to a studio producing a much cleaner sound. But what still remains are well-crafted indie pop gems that show off the songwriting chemistry of this young four-piece. The themes of relationship troubles, heartbreak and coping with loneliness are rather common and run throughout the four-song EP, but still remain oh so relatable as Michelle Zauner’s earnest, child-like vocals draw you in while her lyrics read like they are from her own personal diary. You almost don’t want to listen because they cathartically reveal those moments in relationships that are only suppose to be between two people, but Marisa Helgeson’s melodic synth lines and Casey Sowa’s drum accents keep the album light and almost joyous. Well, the oohs and whoas on opening track “Architects” make it hard for you not to smile as well. “Drafts” is the standout on the album for me with its infectious melding of Zauner’s guitar riffs and Kevin O’Halloran’s bass resonating in my head and lines like “so we last forever beyond bones breaking”. Add Residents to your collection. It’s a brighter alternative for those break-up/relationship blues than Beck’s Sea of Change. Less chances of cutting involved. - H.M. Kauffman



Free For All: A Hands on Music and Arts Festival - 8/15

Free for all festival

August 15th When You Awake presents Free For All: A Hands on Music and Arts Festival at the Echo and Echoplex.  Akron/Family, Langhorne Slim and Active Child are set to headline with 14 + bands performing throughout the course of the evening.

Dust off that acoustic guitar because festival-goers are strongly encouraged to bring their own instruments and jam between performances. If you're feeling crafty, you can always visit one of the art stations set up by Coachella Art Studios to express your inner Picasso.

There's no excuse for missing this one especially since admission is donation only. Come down next Sunday to see what all the fuss is about!