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Weekend Warrior, October 1 - 3

When it comes to shows at The Fire the fantastic lineups of Philly artists that it brings in wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for main booker Derek Dorsey. Derek has tirelessly worked hard to promote several bands and songwriters throughout the scene, and has given a countless amount of musicians their break into the Philly music scene. Unfortunately, Derek has been going through rough times of late due to a recent car accident, and has been feeling some low times. So to help him on the road to recovery some of his friends will be coming together on Sunday to throw him a special benefit. And since so many of Derek’s friends happen to be so musically inclined, it’s a big event full of The Fire alumni for you to capitalize on. Hezekiah Jones will be bringing plenty of beautiful melodic folk to the stage, as well as what is sure to be an all-star cast from the many supporting members of the Jones family. Meanwhile Kuf Knotz will be bringing the funked out hip hop beats that helped him get signed to Mad Dragon Records recently (you can preview his entire new album, Boombox Logic, out later this month here), and labelmates Toy Soldiers will be bringing their specialized blend of bluesy roots music. Songwriter veteran and co-creator of Franzschubert & the Schuubs, Andrew Lipke, will be on hand to play tunes from his innovative new album Motherpearl and Dynamite. The indie heartthrobs who are led by sexy songstress Beril Guceri, East Hundred, will also be on hand as well as Chris Kasper, Sisters3, Arrah & The Ferns, Spirit and Dust, and American Babies. There will also be a special raffle that features art from local artists and gift certificates from area restaurants. Not too shabby for just $8! The Fire, 412 W. Girard Ave., 8pm, $8, 21+
Other places that you can hide from the flooding and see some live music…
Johnny Brenda’s (1201 N. Frankford Ave.) FRI Oh! Pears and Missing Palmer West, SAT Clean Equations Vinyl Release Party w/The Great Vibration and Conversations with Enemies, SUN Toy Soldiers
Kung Fu Necktie (1250 N. Front St.) FRI Ladder Devils, SUN Baptist Preachers and Alright Junior
The Fire (412 W. Girard Ave.) FRI The Fallen Troubadours, SAT Philadelphia Slick
M Room (15 W. Girard Ave.) FRI Philly Metal One Year Anniversary Party w/Monolith, Bubonic Bear, Ominous Black, Gholas, SUN Rarebirds (Farewell Show) and Happy Accident
Tritone (1508 South St.) FRI Honah Lee, SAT Broken Prayers
Tin Angel (20 S. 2nd St.) SAT Kenn Kweder
JR's Bar (2327 S. Croskey St.) FRI Gondola, Screaming Rattler, The Company Corvette, Hott Tubb
Pterodactyl (3237 Amber St.) SAT Boy's Life Closing Reception w/ Sure Juror, The Lawsuits
World Café Live (3025 Walnut St.) FRI Among Criminals
Electric Factory (421 N. 7th St.) FRI Gang
Dock Street Brew Pub (701 S. 50th St.) SUN Docktoberfest w/The Homophones, Skeletonbreath, Dinosaur Feathers (w/Roman Salcic of Grandchildren), Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind (Jedi Mind Tricks), Liz Fullerton, The National Rifle
The Blockley Pourhouse (3801 Chestnut St.) FRI The Blue Method
Fergie’s (1214 Sansom St.) FRI Hired Gun Blues Band, SAT 722
The El Bar (1356 N. Front St.) SAT The Improbables and Mr. Unloved

Weekly Feature #220b: Miniboone plays Deli CMJ showcase on 10.23

MiniBoone come from a world where the Talking Heads reign supreme, and where people have attention spans that last longer than 30 seconds. These guys excel at packaging remarkable musical complexities into feverishly catchy pop songs, so much so that it’s easy to breeze through their 7-inch without fully appreciating how difficult it is to produce something both quirky and impetuous that doesn’t necessarily come across as such. “Devil In Your Eyes” should have a little sticker on it that says “Caution: This song comes spring-loaded.” Each unison chorus propels the next verse forward with such energy that by 2:23 it’s got no place left to go and pulls a Layla, dropping us off into an extended guitar solo and outro that’s at least as memorable as the song itself. I haven’t seen MiniBoone live (yet), but I imagine the experience would be something like freebasing cocaine while doing windsprints on a rollercoaster. The most exciting music isn’t always the most frenetic, and MiniBoone is a case in point. MiniBoone manages to overwhelm the senses without taking up every last inch of the musical soundscape–there’s space to breathe, to ponder the music as it’s happening. But not too much. It’s a carefully (and perfectly) constructed balance that most bands struggle to find and never quite achieve. - Ben Heller - Read Dale Eisenger's Q&A with the band here.


Gang Open for The B-52’s at Electric Factory Oct. 1

Whoops…we’ve been so busy getting ready for a fun-filled October that we almost forgot that the fun can start for you tonight at the Electric Factory. The thrift store fashionistas Gang will be living out a dream this evening when they open for one of their music idols The B-52’s. Congrats y’all! Let us know what happens in “The Love Shack”. Electric Factory, 421 N. 7th St., 8pm, $39.50, All Ages - H.M. Kauffman

Deli CD of the Month: MIniature Tiger - "Fortress"

Like the scattered locations of its members, Miniature Tigers draws influences from all over the map, but if their sound does have one consistency, it’s singer/composer Charlie Brand’s infatuation with the sixties. These retro sensibilities and bright melodies are filtered through a modern approach to arranging that reminiscent of New York heavyweights Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear. "Fortress", produced mostly by Morning Bender’s Chris Chu, is a charming collection of pop numbers that musically treads the same whimsical pathways as their previous recordings. The band haven’t lost their ear for melody, though lyrically ‘Fortress’ throws in the occasion shade of black. Opening with a trilogy of sorts, ‘Mansion of Misery’, ‘Rock & Roll Mountain’ and ‘Dark Tower’ all use secured buildings and cordoned off dwellings as metaphors for Charlie’s own feelings of loneliness back west. Elsewhere on the record, garage rock numbers like ‘Japanese Woman’ keep things sounding fresh, while ‘Gold Skull’ is a complete departure from the band’s recognised style, leaning towards a more synthetic production courtesy of electronic group Neon Indian. - See them live at Music Hall of Williamsburg on 10.19 - Dean Van Nguyen


Weekly Feature #220a: The Hundred in the Hands

NYC electro-dance and pop duo (and dating couple?) The Hundred in the Hands, “came together” on the road, “playing one another tracks in a van,” that ranged from disco, to French house to post punk music gods like New Order and The Cure. Call it Kerouacian inspiration because upon returning home they wrote the upbeat, guitar-screeching “Dressed in Dresden.” These two will be making their self-titled LP debut today (!) with dance heavy tracks that offer energy and clap happy, basement-feel sounds. Starting off with the slower-building “Young Aren’t Young,” and progressing into the catchy “Pigeons,” it’s clear that THITH are doing that DIY thing and doing it well. They are also good at making tracks that really make you just wanna dance. - Read Vann Alex's interview about their recording experience on Delicious Audio.