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Video: Icy Demons "Who There / Spywatchers"

Middle Mind Project have released a video for the Icy Demons track "Who There / Spywatchers".


NYC Artists on the rise: Quiet Lights, live at Bowery Electric, 10.03

When we were young, some of us now thirty somethings fell in love with a record label called 4AD (pre Pixies-Throwing Muses period) and with the intriguing and liquid sounds of some of its dark, dreamy, suspenseful and at times even mystic records. Bands like Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, Cranes and This Mortal Coil were in different but parallel ways incredibly original innovators, and extremely influential in the UK scene that was about to produce the shoegazer movement. Brand new NYC based project Quiet Lights seems to be inspired by the subtler, more atmospheric sounds this scene produced in the mid 80s: liquid guitar drones and tribal drums create an ever changing sonic carpet on which dreamy female melodies float with hypnotizing effect. All the dreamers out there should check this band out at Bowery Electric on 10.03 (it's free if you RSVP here).


Oh! Pears Try and Take the Stage at JB’s Oct. 1

Everyone should go see Oh! Pears tonight at Johnny Brenda’s if only to watch the hilarity that will ensue as the (sometimes) thirteen member ensemble attempts to fit themselves on the cozy little stage. That being said, you should probably stay for the actual music, or you will be missing out. This Philadelphia band/collective/cult led by ex-Pattern Is Movement guitarist Corey Duncan creates lush, haunting neo-classical arrangements ala contemporary peers Grizzly Bear and the young but ambitious Parenthetical Girls. Their debut EP Fill Your Lungs can be downloaded here so you can hear for yourself the complexities of the compositions and intricacies of the recordings that were created with the help of ex-bandmate and Pattern Is Movement drummer Chris Ward, who is arguably one of the sickest drummers in Philly. Much of what he lends his drumsticks to turns to gold and this debut EP is no different. The album ebbs and grows fluidly and hits a high point on “Singers” that recall a more adventurous Dodos song with every instrument possibly making a cameo all in support of Duncan’s crooning baritone. Oh Pears! are supported by West Chester six-piece Missing Palmer West, who may fit better on the stage, but what they lack in members they will make up in melody. They have been described as baroque pop. However, I don’t hear much vintage in their sound, but rather straightforward folk-pop full of Jeff Tweedy melodrama both in vocal delivery and subject matter. Overall this is an nice bill of bands that if you don’t know yet, you certainly won’t forget after tonight. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9pm, $10, 21+ - Adam G.

Take a Filthy Ride with Gondola at JR’s Oct. 1

With a name like Gondola, it’s almost wieldy to cook up visions of floating down an expansive and glistening Venetian canal in a light-strung bateau. But, in fact, the humid sweat bucket of blues-rock filth exploding forth from the Philly power-trio is more like a sleazy, good time trek on a dirt-caked motorcycle down a bone-dry desert back road - and tonight will taste no different. On “Hash in the Highlands”, Gondola sails from the sluggish smoke and leisure burn of fringed sonic crawls to deafening rhythm accelerations of roaring riffs and driving drums that ignite electrifying hip climaxes. It’s a phonic stamp also courted by hometown trio and tonight’s bill mates, Screaming Rattler, who, slowing the tempo down just a little, add their own Southern-soaked flavor to the genre. If you have time, throw back another Pabst and stick around for stoner-rock geniuses The Company Corvetteand soak you’re feet in the unnerving electronic bubble bath of locals Hott Tubb, ‘cause, you know, it’s Friday, and you ain’t got shit to do. JR’s Bar, 2327 S. Croskey St.,8 pm, $5, 21+ - Annamarya Scaccia

The So So Glos tour... the 5 Boroughs!

Sometimes the most brilliant ideas are really really simple ones: NYC punksters The So So Glos announced that, to promote the release of their new EP "Low Back Chain Shift", they will be touring... the 5 NYC boroughs! The news might not be particularly exciting for Brooklynites and Manhattanites, but I bet you some kids are getting quite excited in The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island, places rarely "blessed" by good indie shows. The So So Glos - whose sound is very reminiscent of the more "mature" punk sound of The Clash of the "London Calling" period - will kick off their tour in Staten Island with a show on October 21, and play in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and The Bronx in the 4 following days. Check out the free single from their new EP.

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