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Album Review: Residents - Post Post

In Residents, Post Post’s follow-up to their promising debut Meta Meta, you find them moving from the Garage(band) to a studio producing a much cleaner sound. But what still remains are well-crafted indie pop gems that show off the songwriting chemistry of this young four-piece. The themes of relationship troubles, heartbreak and coping with loneliness are rather common and run throughout the four-song EP, but still remain oh so relatable as Michelle Zauner’s earnest, child-like vocals draw you in while her lyrics read like they are from her own personal diary. You almost don’t want to listen because they cathartically reveal those moments in relationships that are only suppose to be between two people, but Marisa Helgeson’s melodic synth lines and Casey Sowa’s drum accents keep the album light and almost joyous. Well, the oohs and whoas on opening track “Architects” make it hard for you not to smile as well. “Drafts” is the standout on the album for me with its infectious melding of Zauner’s guitar riffs and Kevin O’Halloran’s bass resonating in my head and lines like “so we last forever beyond bones breaking”. Add Residents to your collection. It’s a brighter alternative for those break-up/relationship blues than Beck’s Sea of Change. Less chances of cutting involved. - H.M. Kauffman



Free For All: A Hands on Music and Arts Festival - 8/15

Free for all festival

August 15th When You Awake presents Free For All: A Hands on Music and Arts Festival at the Echo and Echoplex.  Akron/Family, Langhorne Slim and Active Child are set to headline with 14 + bands performing throughout the course of the evening.

Dust off that acoustic guitar because festival-goers are strongly encouraged to bring their own instruments and jam between performances. If you're feeling crafty, you can always visit one of the art stations set up by Coachella Art Studios to express your inner Picasso.

There's no excuse for missing this one especially since admission is donation only. Come down next Sunday to see what all the fuss is about!


Black Label Society to play Roxy charity show 8/10

Black Label Society

Here at the Deli, we're all about local music. We, however, have to take a short break to recognize the amazingness of more prominent LA bands like Black Label Society. On August 10th they'll be playing the Roxy as charity event with all proceeds going to the Zakk and Barbaranne Wylde Foundation at St. Jude's Hospital.

Of course, that's not all that's going on. The show coincides with the release of their new album "The Order of the Black" the same day. Zakk will also be at Best Buy on Pico Blvd. from 4pm to 6pm for signings.

If you can't make it to the show, or it sells out before you have a chance to grab a ticket, consider donating the ticket price to St Jude's anyways. I promise it won't hurt one bit.


Pickathon 2010 Update/Day 1 Highlights

Backstage at a bluegrass festival at 10:00 a.m.on a Sunday morning - well, any festival really, and maybe any morning - is like treading through a zombie prom. The coffee line is long (Kleen Kanteen users are the salt of the earth), the fruit's all gone and everyone's still sporting the facepaint they raged warrior-like into the previous evening's din, the stench of decay from two days into a three-day festival becomes ever more pungent. Such is the environ I send you, dear Deli Portland readers, my first update from Pickathon 2010 at Pendarvis Farms - gloomy, overcast, humid Happy Valley, OR.

Day 1 Highlights: Friday, August 6


The day began with Weinland on the Mountain View Stage, with most festival-goers still sulking in the campground looking for a spot to hang their hat. Despite the small crowd, John Shearer executed the same moody, plaintive rock, and tactfully crafted progressions, culled from the bowels of arena rock standards. The band sifted through honest, sometimes loud refrains, and emerged as a great example of the fence-sitting parameters of Pickathon's bluegrass-meets-indie-rock milieu. Weinland ended their set with infestations of dance-folk, which consisted mostly of ingestible pellets of organ-oaked rock and gloom...maybe too dark for the very first mainstage band.

Casey McGill's Blue 4 Trio took to the Galaxy Barn stage - literally a barn, with notoriously sweltering temperatures, and intimate performances late nights with mainstage acts - toting old-timey lullaby juke-joint ditties. McGill appeared a blue-eyed dreamer in a dapper cabana suit while strumming a lonely guitar. The trio was festooned with '50s-era optimism, replete with stand-up bass and ukulele, all the while conjuring specters of crumple-sleeved working stiffs let loose for the night to get their kicks with boogie-woogie ballads.


North Carolina's Megafaun took to the Galaxy Barn later in the evening, at first employing a somewhat tame, blues-singed rock with lots of crowd involvement. With very home-y dallops of fun-lovin' rock 'n' rag, the band steadily eased into a trance-y hum, with snippets of jazz noir beginning to seep into their cacophany, like The Sea and Cake on speed. In the whip of Tibetan flags off stage-left, Megafaun slowly morphed into a psychedelic tangent, an ode to flippant sonic meandering. Shamanistic shivers were executed slip-sloppy by the shaky percussionist, like some goddamn hillbilly hypnotism. Every mouth gaped at its conclusion, and - as if they needed it - Megafaun hooked a slew of new listeners.

More updates, photos, etc. coming this week from the biggest little festival in the world.

- Ryan J. Prado





Come Join The Love Club at North Star Bar Aug. 8

The Love Club continues the great Philly psych-pop tradition, but not nearly in the way you've come to expect. Distant, soothing vocals occupy the same space as bouncy guitars, fuzzy, melodic bass lines and bleating saxophones and theremins, adding up to a looseness that's just as much 90's slacker indie as it is old-timey English pyschedelia. And man, if those saxophones don't sound like the Contortions (which is always a welcome influence). But I suppose you shouldn't expect anything less from a band that was "birthed from a lesbian cosmonaut". Also filling up the North Star tonight are Sonni Sunshine and the Underwater SoundsLost in Company and Touch. North Star Bar, 2639 Poplar Street, 8pm, $8, 21+ - Joe Poteracki