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Dead Leaf Echo opens for Chapterhouse on 10.03

It is an exciting time at the moment for Brooklyn’s Dead Leaf Echo. In addition to a select placement of CMJ shows (including a Deli Showcase) and a trip up to Boston in November, the band find themselves supporting the much ballyhooed reunited Chapterhouse at their Bell House show this Sunday 10.03. All of this ties in perfectly with the October 12 release of their latest recording “Truth.” This 7 song follow up to their debut “Pale Fire” boast the mixing talents of noted studio guru John Fryer. The single "Half-Truth" weaves together luxuriant keyboard textures, three-quarter time guitar arpeggios and marching band rat-a-tat snare drum as accompaniment for LG’s relaxed vocals. "Pale Fire" is over seven minutes of atmospheric guitars, distinct percussive momentum, cathedral inspired vocal harmonies and dramatic build-ups. With all that's currently happening around this band, it appears Dead Leaf Echo plans on taking things to the next level. -Dave Cromwell


Album Review of Heidi Feek's, "Eden"

Heidi Feek’s debut EP, “Eden,” is a refreshing approach to country music, gracefully blending Americana, folk, bluegrass, and pop to create an impressively strong first release for the Nashville singer/songwriter. The album consists of 5 original songs, and features some very tasteful instrumentation by several of Nashville’s other young, up-and-coming artists, including Andrew Combs, Luke Herbert (The Deep Vibration), La’akea Presley (Holmes & Presley), Austin Manuel, and Markus Midkiff (Kopecky Family Band). Even after hearing the variety of musical styles that went into the recordings, one cannot help but suspect that Feek’s songwriting skills are more than capable of keeping her listeners engaged and interested—with or without such an appealing group of collaborators.

Heidi has admitted that she has numerous musical influences—including Don McClean, Marty Robbins, Jackson Browne, and Joni Mitchell—yet her music only subtly reflects these varied inspirations, creating a sound that is unique and more authentic than most of her female contemporaries. A major factor in this is her tone—a mezzo blend of Roseanne Cash and Neko Case, combined with her own distinctive vocal scoop. Outward simplicity and straight-forwardness make tracks like, “Blue Tonight,” “Jane,” and “Eden,” curiously reminiscent of Gillian Welch or Emmylou Harris, while also exemplifying Feek’s relaxed style and approach to her lyrics and songwriting.

The other two tracks, “Let You Back In,” and “Sylvia,” are noticeably catchy and were probably written with a more crossover “popular” style in mind. For those who favor more pop and less bluegrass, “Let You Back In” offers a chorus that could give Sheryl Crow a run for her money, whilst “letting listeners in” to Feek’s inner angst with the lyrics, “I’m alone—now wasn’t that the point of you comin’ over? No one’s home, ‘cept for this conscience on my shoulder, sayin’, ‘I was wrong, for makin’ a mistake again…After so long…after so long.’”

For bluegrass and country fans, the woeful wailing and perfect harmonies of the Heidi Feek/La’akea Presley duo on, “Blue Tonight,” are gradually beguiling, as well as the illusory title track, “Eden.” Feek’s ability to healthily balance traditional country styles, while simultaneously adding her own contemporary flare qualifies her solid conception of “Eden” as a rather notable accomplishment. As an album, it is simply lovely.—Erin Manning

P.S. If the text on the picture isn't enough of a hint, Heidi Feek's EP release party will be taking place on October 4th. Go here for more information. See ya then!


Vanaprasta releases a 7" that takes a peek at their forthcoming album


In a fine close to their September residency at the Echo, Vanaprasta played their anticipated full length album, Healthy Geometry, in it's entirety. The band has decided to release a 7" vinyl featuring "Minnesota" and "Skinny State" while the LP receives its finishing touches.

The band was praised early on with their breakout EP, Forming the Shapes, and based on these two new tracks Vanaprasta is not slowing down. "Minnesota" opens with a bit of synth before being joined by Steven Wilkin's vocals and Ben Smiley's drums, the verse brings in the rest of the band -- Collin Desha and Cameron Dmytryk on guitar and keys, and Taylor Brown on bass. The choruses power through with gritty, belted vocals and distorted guitars before resolving into a sexy, dirty guitar solo break near the end of the song. The other debuted track, "Skinny State", opens with rhythmic bass and drums that powers through the verse and chorus, setting a more frantic pace. A quick, straightforward track, Wilkin's vocals crescendo to the final screamed chorus before quietly leading out. If you've never heard them, think of a more talented version of Kings of Leon.

Healthy Geometry was produced by Manny Nieto (HEALTH, The Breeders) who brought the band under his wing to help them craft a more powerful, trashy, and raw sound. "Minnesota" and "Skinny State" were two of the three tracks to be fully at Nieto's studio. LA local Dave Cooley (Silversun Pickups, Local Natives) mastered the recording, icing on the cake for this LP. -- We're looking forward to it!

Listen to "Minnesota"
Listen to "Skinny State"

-Angelo Lorenzo


Moon Women Release Cassingle & Open for Depreciation Guild and Film School at JB’s Sept. 29

Far out, post-punk, or perhaps shoegaze, local outfit Moon Women remains a little bit of a mystery when googling the band’s name leaves would-be fans with less links than one could count between two hands. “Having formed on a whim in March of 2010 to play with the Strange Boys at Danger Danger,” things quickly got more serious when for their second show, they were asked to open for legendary punk rockers Buzzcocks at The Troc, followed by a personal request by Wavves to do the same. Tonight Moon Women will open for Deprciation Guild and Film School, and will be releasing their debut recordings on cassingle titled tape, which will be a limited 50 tape-run. It will also contain additional sounds and music that won’t be found on the MP3s (that I’ve provided for you below) including an instrumental that closes out Side B. The case is painted with its own silk-screen slip cover. Aptly titled “Listen Closely” eases in with reverb that quickly blooms into driving chords that sound out beside quickened drumbeats (which might make you think, “Stephen Morris”). Moody and melodic, the new-ish Philly trio makes the most of jangly backbeats and psyched out riffs. They also have a 7” coming out on up-and-coming Ian Records, who specializes in strictly only local acts which is pretty rad to me. Johnny Brenda’s. 1201 Frankford Ave. 9pm, $10 adv/$12 door, 21+ - Dianca Potts 

Listen Closely by Moon Women

A Collection of Thought by Moon Women


NYC Artists on the rise: Unsolved Mysteries

Even though exuberance can be a little heavy on the eye (admittedly, this video is making our heads spin), we cannot deny that it's also very contagious, and a fitting attitude for the "You Only Live Once" theme (this is the song's title.) Unsolved Mysteries is a chameleon-like NYC band that plays bouncy and fun indie rock with electronic and pop elements. I can see how their shows are gaining word of mouth for being like crazy musical parties - these guys are able to let things go, even on a sonic level. Upcoming plans include a collaboration with weirdo rappers Das Racist and the finishing touches to their third album - release date TBD.