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Best of NYC #10: Beach Fossils

We continue our "Best of NYC Countdown", covering every day one of the artists that made our Year End Best of NYC list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record store personnel, DJs, and our writers and readers).

Sounding anything but decrepit old flesh baking in the sand, Beach Fossils' music is more likely to soundtrack the Frisbee tossing fun at the seaside. Their "jpy jpy" attitude can't be hidden underneath the music's rusty, lo-fi exterior. These are happy riffs for happy people. Take the song "Vacation" (how much more summertime do you want?) The band somehow turns a twisted, slightly out of tune riff and heavily manipulated vocals into pure sunshine. A sure sign that Beach Fossils couldn't do dark and dreary even if they wanted to. - Dean Van Nguyen


From our Open Blog: photo sans nom

aria Photo, alias photo sans nom (roughly translated: photo without a name) will be the first to tell you that she is not a singer-songwriter. Though the French bent is an inspiration of the 60’s YeYe movement - and a pun on her surname - this girl is unfamiliar in any archetypal sense. Actually turning down gigs that would perpetuate stereotypes, Maria has spent over a year and a half crafting a layered mini-lp of songs, for which she overdubs a majority of the tracks.

At once it is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the electronic music that has romantically captured her by night and at the next turn it is the sobering alarm of garage rock that wakes the day. A thread of authenticity holds this genre-less masterwork together. Miss Photo makes no apologies for her style-hopping ways. At the end of the day you will discover her faithful voice through many lenses. This is not a mix-tape. Her name may be pseudo, but rest assured she is nothing short of genuine and she’s only just begun.


Waterfront Wednesdays with Juston Stens & The Get Real Gang Aug. 4

Here’s some Philly Music 101: Dr. Dog is a doted on local indie outfit that plays a much-loved brand of vintage psychedelic rock. They toured with rock ‘n’ roll sherpas My Morning Jacket. Juston Stens pounded the skins for Dr. Dog from the early-aughts, but has since parted ways to chase his “own musical vision”. Now he’s started his own ensemble, Juston Stens & The Get Real Gang - a scopic collective cavorting quixotic heartfelt alt-pop with a nostalgic rock veneer. The crew just released their self-titled debut EP on Park the Van Records, and recorded a slightly mired version of Tom Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More”, which may be just as neat as the original. Now here’s your homework: Tonight, Stens will make his debut appearance at Penn Treaty Park, headlining the Philebrity Rock ‘N’ Roll BBQ as part of the park’s annual summer series, Waterfront Wednesdays. You’re required to experience it with a large bottle of wine. For extra credit, catch opener local songbird Birdie Busch, and skip work (or school) the next day. Cheers! Penn Treaty Park, 1341 N. Delaware Avenue, 7pm, Free, All Ages - Annamarya Scaccia



Pilot Cloud Slowly Rockin’ at North Star Bar Aug. 4

Hometown shoegazers Pilot Cloud are making their way to the North Star Bar tonight before they head out to the Mid-West. The band announced that they would be going on a break soon so this is sure to be one of the last shows for a while. While the window to see these guys may be small, the sound they produce is anything but. I hear more post-rock ala Maserati or My Dad vs Yours in their sound with ferocious drums, slithering guitar lines and monstrous build ups and climaxes with atmospheric samples thrown in for shits and giggles. They do have vocals, but they sound more like an additional instrument instead of melodic/narrative lead. The duo released Halcyon this year to follow up their debut effort 2008’s In Transition. With them is fellow “experimental indie rockers” (post-rock to the max) Controlled Storms. They seem to groove a bit more than other post-rock staples but they definitely fit nicely into the genre. I can imagine this show will consist of extended jams, mood lighting and more than enough slow head banging. North Star Bar, 2639 Poplar St., 9pm, 21+ - Adam G.



From our Open Blog: The Limousines

The last time we posted about The Limousines they were playing last years Treasure Island Music Fest. This week they've dropped us a line via our Open Blog to warn us that Rock n' Roll zombies are in the imminent future [see below]. Their debut album Get Sharp released last week.

You can also spare us from catastrophe and organ eating entities by posting about your band in our open blog HERE.

-Nicole Leigh

If you like MGMT you will love this group! The Limousines was born when Eric Victorino of Strata and Giovanni Giusti AKA Nozebleed made sweet love in the SF Bay Area underground. Catchy lyrics, dance worthy beats, electro-pop at its finest. They just released there first full length album, Get Sharp which you can download on itunes and pick up in local Bay Area music Stores. Topping charts on XM radio, local radio, and itunes. Their album is already gaining popularity in international markets and has a tight hold on the Bay Area's hipster scene.Mark my words, The Limo's won't be hitting the breaks anytime soon.