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New England Americana Festival's Summer Series, Part Two

New England Americana Festival's Summer Series continues this Thursday at the Hard Rock Cafe.  For those who made it last time, you may remember free Narragansett, impromptu live-on-the-air interviews, incredible New England Folk Archive stories and photography, Eric Royer's mindboggling guitar machine, Jimmy Ryan's bluegrass shedding (on mandolin!), a great, social atmosphere and, of course, plenty of great music.

It's a special event that Bostonians should catch while it's local.  From their website:
Our goal is to continue building the community, energy, and camaraderie throughout the year and beyond.  To do this, New England Americana will be presenting shows all around New England with the focus on each local community, reflecting each area's rapidly growing roots music scene.

So come down to the Hard Rock at 7pm to enjoy the second of three great bills of Boston-based, grassroots-bred music!

Chris O'Brien
The Autumn Hollow Band
Jeff Byrd and the Dirty Finch
Brendan Hogan
Jenee Halstead
The Bees Knees
Dave Sammarco Band

See you there!

- The Deli Staff


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Iron & Wine & A Western Killing Spree Rendered as Cinematic Poetry

Mr. Sam Beam, better known as Iron & Wine, made the wise decision some years ago to homestead right around here. And so this week we get an unusual two-night offering from Iron & Wine: Tomorrow night (7/28) Iron & Wine hosts (?) or otherwise presents a special Movie Night at the Paramount, featuring the 1973 film Badlands (itself the work of another hill country denizen, Terence Malick). And the following night (7/29), along with Calexico, he'll perform as part of a benefit for both MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America) and HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians). All good reasons to absorb some hill country genius. 


NYC Dandies play countrying music: My Cousin, The Emperor

My Cousin, The Emperor is like a country version of Pavement. They have nuances of a lo-fi 90s band, mixed with a country acoustic twang. And the fact that the band dresses like total dandies is mesmerizing.  The pluck of a banjo is always best when done by Steve Martin or someone wearing a newsboy cap and a waistcoat. This good old country quartet has created a debut album that is a modern Dixieland treasure. My Cousin, The Emperor is to country what Back to the Future III is to cowboy movies, for their mixture of country with other genres makes country more accessible to those who hate it. My Cousin, The Emperor definitely has the power to convert the skeptics. - CS


NYC Artists on the Rise: Elephant Parade

Elephant Parade is kinda cutesy, kinda sappy, kinda heavy in the pseudo-folk guitar strumming. But Estelle’s vocals really are the major touchstone: something syrupy, pliable, wrapping around those little accents of keys or horns, the tricky little drumbeats. We’re a little slow on the uptake, here – they’ve been putting out music for the better part of five years. The duo makes for an easy listen – sort of like The Blow not on blow – with flighty, sometimes light-hearted lyrics that resonate once in a while. The kind of limitless DIY that takes you to a meadow and an open sky, and now and then there’s an awesome animal traipsing about. - DWE