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Best of NYC #15: Dinosaur Feathers, now touring the US

We continue our "Best of NYC Countdown", covering every day one of the artists that made our Year End Best of NYC list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record store personnel, DJs, and our writers and readers).

Dinosaur Feathers are a quirky, different kind of pop -- both undeniably and instantly likeable. There’s a lively looseness about the Beach Boysie and XTC-type musical arrangements that come across as laid-back and cool, rather than sloppy. Strip away all these strange goodies accompanying the songs, and at the bare fruit revealed is smart pop-island music, clearly influenced by now-extinct dinosaurs of the 60’s. Only a band with a warped tropical mindset, fusing fun and talent, could produce such passionately diverse music (check out “Vendela Vida”), all while retaining an anchored uniqueness. Failing to get excited about Dinosaur Feathers is not an option. The band is currently busy touring the US, they'll be back home in late August with a show at Littlefield on the 28. - Paul Dunn


Mourning Anna Log Eulogizes at KFN July 27

Mourning Anna Log (awesome fuckin’ band name!), the solo project of Ed “Dead Bird” Burke is bringing his beautiful weirdness to Kung Fu Necktie tonight. His sound is one of quite calming down-tempo electronica that glitches and glides on a wave of lush polyrhythmic beats created by chopped and screwed drum and vocal samples assembled to perfection. The songs remind me of glitch DJ Gold Panda or a bit less aggressive Squarepusher. Dead Bird is part of the West Philly collective The Manhattan Projekt, a DIY non-profit record label slash promotion company. Oh and birdman insists on you listening to his songs with headphones so I played them from my PC laptop speakers on low. But really I busted out my monster headphones and shit am I happy I did, these songs certainly do “bump”. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 Front St., 8pm, $8, 21+ - Adam G.



Into the Burgerville

“Into the Woods” lived up to its namesake with video features of Explode into Colors and Wampire. However, the Portland-music-centric Internet series has expanded its love into the confines of Burgerville.

A fan of both, I took much enjoyment in the four musical features within the Hawthrone B-ville ('natch). White Fang, Wampire, Juiceboxxx and the 70-odd members of Typhoon all contributed their efforts to annoy anyone whose interest in milkshakes surpasses their interest in our local music scene. See for yourself here.

- Nick Walker


Brenda release Silver Tower


Portland, Maine's Brenda have had a pretty intense summer. They played the Nateva festival and they released Silver Tower, a energizing collection of songs influenced by late 90's rock. Chock-full of delicious and emotional melodies, Silver Tower is a perfect road trip album. Some of the songs have a haunting aura to them while others are more fast-paced and dancy making a great contrast in over-all sound (think The Strokes). Brenda have a bunch of shows coming up around New England including the Wilco Solid Sound Festival at Mass MOCA.

Jul 30 2010 10:00P Bayside Bowl w/ the Rattlesnakes Portland, Maine

Aug 10 2010 7:00P hallowell waterfront Hallowell, Maine

Aug 14 2010 1:30P MASS MoCA, Solid Sound Festival North Adams, MA

Aug 27 2010 9:00P Empire w/ Metal Feathers and Doomstar! Portland, Maine

Aug 30 2010 9:00P The Red Door Portsmouth, NH

You can buy Silver Tower HERE

--The Deli Staff



Minorcan, also known as Ryan Anderson, and sometimes erroneously identified as Minocran (and much more difficult to google as such), has an album called Keep at Hand, has a delicate sound, has a baby daughter, has a very tiny guitar, has it in mind to sound like the ocean in winter, and has a gig coming up Wednesday 7/28 at the Parish, in the illustrious company of Follow That Bird! and Leatherbag, along with Iowan headliners The Poison Control Center.