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Free Show with Social Junk at Younglove July 26

Philly is great! You can pop in on something interesting any night of the week, and there is a good chance that it will be for free. The folks at Younglove, Danger Danger Gallery’s friendly vintage store neighbors, want you to come out tonight for FREE “adult (cold) beverages” and performances by primal experimental psych outfit Social Junk as well as Ducktails, a solo project from Matthew Mondanile of Real Estate, and fellow Jersey mates, Big Troubles. There will also be art featured by John Williams and 10% off on everything in the store. Younglove, 5011 Baltimore Ave., 7pm, FREE, All Ages - H.M. Kauffman



Moab Strangers play a live score to the 1922 film Hungry Hearts

This Monday, Ethan Miller (Howlin Rain, Comets on Fire) will be performing an original score to the 1922 film Hungry Hearts with members of Colossal Yes and Drunk Horse. The musicians have come together to perform as Moab Strangers. The combination of psychedelic, folk and blues influenced elements that each of the members bring to the project should pair interestingly with the film about a family of Jewish immigrants in the Lower East Side [check out a sample of the score below]. The event is worth checking out whether you are a film fan, a live music fan or if you're just finally ready to give up on the dream of Pink Floyd coming to the next screening of The Wizard of Oz at the Castro Theater.

Hungry Hearts screens at the Castro Theater as part of the 30th Anniversary San Francisco Jewish Film Festival on Monday, July 26th at 7pm. $15

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-Nicole Leigh


Some Foolery Yet in this Unique San Francisco Trio - Foolproof Four at Cafe du Nord

What exactly is foolproof about the San Francisco-based band Foolproof Four? Well the first obvious thing to point out is that there are, in fact, only three of them, so that right there points to some clear foolery committed by this trio. They are a band that must be seen live, as the camaraderie between these young men is hilarious and creates really great audience engagement. The band consists of Noah Grant, Dan Brennan, and Nate Harris. At their show at Cafe Du Nord on Friday night, July 16th, the band played almost ten songs to a rapt audience. The energy they put out was very well reciprocated, as the crowd was in step with their every joking or emotional moment in each song.

As a more unusual choice for an alternative rock band, the three began with their acapella song "Lady Valia Stood Her Ground". Lead singer and songwriter Grant wrote the song as a statement on facing violence and not letting it break you. Specifically, it is about his admiration for the nonviolent protesters at UC Berkeley. But for those more inclined to rocking songs, the band has plenty of rowdier songs as well. The talent of this band is apparent by their variety--their songs include a blues, jazz and country sound. Look for their song "Economology" in the upcoming film Dream an American.

-Shauna Keddy


New Awake! Awake! album, "Bittersweet Horizon"


“Bittersweet Horizon”’s bell-like melodies resonate like a morning alarm.  This sophomore full-length by Awake! Awake!, released the first of July, echoes with crisp synthesizers and wiry guitars that cut like cold air, beginning with the instrumental “Colors” intro, which leads into “Distance.”  Frontman David Johnson’s voice is introduced, which is lower pitched than the emo vocal trill expected.  An ethereal sonic quality reminiscent of Paper Route is present throughout, even on more gravelly tracks like “Firing Squad.”
The band works hard to keep the lengthy album from dragging; there are fifteen tracks, one of which is a bonus and three are pretty acoustic versions.  They pull it off by keeping the airy rhythms varied and invoking nostalgia at times.  The grating guitars and smooth jangle of “True North” bring to mind guilty pleasure ’90s pop rock (Gin Blossoms, anyone?), and you can appreciate the honesty in the lyrics, even if instinct tells you to recoil from such blatant expression of love.
Check out the choppy licks of “Disarmed” or the ocean noise that sweeps in midway through “Harbor Lights” to get a taste of all the lights and darks of the album.  Even in Awake! Awake! has some things to tighten, they’ve put forth a confident follow up to their debut, “We’ve Been Strangers.”  Complemented by Johnson’s vocals, which sometimes bear the shaking intensity of Matthew Good (the ’90s just won’t die), the music sparkles and changes color from upbeat to intense. –Jessica Pace


R5’s BIGGEST Punk Rock Flea Market Ever July 25!

What’s on the agenda today? It’s simple. Go to R5’s Punk Rock Flea Market. (It’s the BIGGEST one ever.) Donate money. (Keep good shows coming to Philly.) Recycle - buy people’s cool used stuff. (Be green and create less trash.) Buy new stuff from vendors. (Help feed artists and the people who support them.) Have a good time! Cheers! The Punk Rock Flea Market Dome , 461 N. 9th Street, 10am - 5pm, $3 donation, All Ages - The Deli Staff