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Kurt Vile Finds Some Real Estate at JB’s July 11

Our hometown boy Kurt Vile is coming back to Johnny Brenda’s tonight, smackdab in the middle of his impressively long summer tour. If that's not the highlight of your weekend, what is!?! It's been a crazy year or so for the long-haired rocker professionally and personally, having signed to Matador and released his full-length Childish Prodigy as well as having a “childish prodigy” of his own and buying his first home. He also just dropped his Square Shell EP while he works on finishing up a new full length tentatively scheduled for release this October. He’ll be hosting Jersey's favorite dreamy beach-goers Real Estate. Johnny Brenda's, 1201 N. Frankford Ave, 9pm, $12, 21+ - Joe Poteracki



Adrien Reju and Charlotte Littlehales Get It On at The Fire July 11

Swing by The Fire tonight for a little girl-on-girl action! Did I get your attention? Good, but I lied. However, their will be a couple of adorable ladies ready to entertain you. Adrien Reju is not just another self-taught aspiring singer-songwriter toting her mom’s old guitar. This pixie-cut, homemade scarf sporting songbird, with a degree in classical guitar from Ithaca College, will make you take notice with her unrestricted vocal capabilities and jaunty musical accompaniment, including rootsy guitar flourishes, muted trumpet, and swinging piano chords. Joining her will be Charlotte Littlehales, the girl at the coffeehouse who pulls lovers and intellectuals away from passionate conversations over steaming cups of Columbian and demands unbroken attention. The Fire, 412 W. Girard Ave., 9pm, $8, 21+ - Katie Bennett



Overzealous @ Hard Rock Cafe, 7/8/10


If you had shown up at the Hard Rock Café Thursday night at 9:45, you would have only caught the tail end of the second act.  When performances actually get rolling at the scheduled time, you know you’re in for a classier show experience.  Hard Rock is ideal if you’re not up for being packed into the room so tightly with fellow showgoers you’re absorbing their sweat.  You can enjoy a table inside or on the patio during the show, which on Thursday consisted of Blackfoot GypsiesBravo Max, and Overzealous.

Seeing Nashville/Murfreesboro band Overzealous play live for the first time was something of a shock.  In person, founding members Dustin Sellers (vocals/guitar) and Brad Crittenden (vocals/bass) seem affable but subdued.  Onstage, they prove there’s something to their name and deliver a high-energy performance.  Newest Overzealous member, drummer Nick Morro doesn’t seem to have a problem keeping up, either.  Last year, Sellers and Crittenden were still looking for a drummer that would stick; now they’ve got Morro plus a new EP to follow up the previous sunny “Yellow Jr.”

Melodies echo all the regular guys who rocked the late ’90s and early ’00s – Foo Fighters and even Jimmy Eat World at times, plus traces of Nirvana when they decide to shred a harder riff – but the lyrics are Sellers’ own.  “Really every song I write is an echo of what should have been,” he says.  Sellers crams a lot of personal experience into his lyrics, and the new EP “The Valley” is no different.  Worth checking out if you’re into any of the aforementioned artists, or just want to see an energetic and fun show. – Jessica Pace  


LC Fest final 2 nights: Courtesy Tier, B. Dunn, Jessi Robertson + 20 more

As Brooklyn's 4th Annual LC Fest heads into its fourth day, look for performances from 13 artists including Danny Ross, The Courtesy Tier and Jessi Robertson (in the picture). Classically trained Ross brings his polished piano rock to the stage and his latest album, Danny Ross Presents One Way, while Brooklyn duo The Courtesy Tier, ranked #35 in The Deli's current Best Of NYC Bands list, layers raw guitar riffs over catchy rhythms for a full-on rock sound, as heard on their recent EP, Map and Marker. Batting cleanup for the night is Robertson, one of the Local Correspondents founders, whose dark, lyrically driven songs and whiskey and honey-soaked voice will soon be exposed to a wider audience when her first studio album is released later this year. Performances begin at 8 p.m.

Sunday July 11's, the final night, highlights include performances by Craig Chesler, Bryan Dunn (picttured), The Rambler's Jeremiah Birnbaum, and nine others. Ukulele and guitar player Chesler mixes ’60s pop and ragtime into easy songs that practically scream summer, as heard on his latest CD, Little Craiggy Chesler & The Musical Proverbial Knee-Highs. Dunn, whose high-octane band shows pack 'em in at Mercury Lounge, brings his Americana rock out for a rare solo performance before heading into the studio to record a new album. Birnbaum, who fronts bluesy, alt. country act The Ramblers, will be serenading the crowd with songs from their latest release, Getting There. For the complete schedule of all five nights (from July 7th to the 11th), go here. For 42 free MP3s from festivals artists, split into four volumes for easy downloading, see here.


Bardo Pond Always Ready for a Freak Out at JB’s July 10

Holy oldhead show Batman! For close to 20 Years, Bardo Pond have been the superstars of the underground psychedelic movement in the City of Brotherly Love. But their sound is just as fresh and innovative as it’s been during the bands early inception. So much so that it guaranteed them a spot on upcoming mega shows such as the Jim Jarmusch curated ATP Festival in New York. And the Nightmare Before Christmas event headlined by Godspeed You! Black Emperor in Minehead, UK! Is that a big deal? Fuck yeah! But before they engage themselves towards the future, the band is ready to ignite Johnny Brenda’s with a trance filled explosion tonight. They’ll be joined by Caterpillar, who were at the forefront of the Philly music scene in the 90’s before going on a 9 year hiatus. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9pm, $10, 21+ - Bill McThrill