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Marnie Stern announces new CD out on October 2nd.

Now - in case you didn't get this yet - in a blogosphere where adoration of exclusively "diluted" (read "very accessible") indie music abounds, The Deli NYC proudly keeps a weak spot for artists with balls - figuratively speaking, of course. When we say balls we mean the courage to play it UN-safe, to take risks without outsourcing musicality, to make an effort to be truly, truly, truly unique and not just pretty or moving or powerful or "kewl". I guess we are talking about being "subversive" - in a sense that's stripped of political meaning and charged with an artistic one. We feel like this experimental approach is the common denominator to the greatest acts this city expressed. This is why we like Marnie Stern. The most unpredictable and original lady of the NYC music scene is releasing a new album on October 2nd.


Hooray for Earth's busy schedule - 2 NYC shows + tour

Hooray for Earth's music definitely remains faithful to their optimistic name. The Brooklyn-based combo plays an extremely personal, sunny yet dreamy brand of electronic pop (by the way, as wake-dreaming in the sun is called a "mirage", I think we could label their music "mirage-synth-pop", which sounds pretty cool if you ask us - besides, there must a quadrillion "psych-pop" and "synth-pop" acts out there). The band is currently keeping extremely busy with 2 shows in NYC (tonight 07.22 at Cake Shop and tomorrow 07.23 at Coco66) and with a tour in support of their EP Momo starting in mid August opening for ex-Grandaddy member Admiral Radley. Grandaddy was actually another obvious "mirage-synth-pop", although they weren't as "synthy" as Hooray for Earth.



My Other Friend CD release party at Mercury, 07.26

Being a couple for nine years and writing music together for five, it is no wonder Andy Simmons (guitar/vocals) and Holly MacGibbon’s (keys/vocals) musical collaboration My Other Friend is filled with a raw passion and high energy. The band, mostly made of trained actors, plays dramatic and dynamic rock with occasional folky tinges. They are finally about to release their debut album with a party at Mercury Lounge on July 26th.


Weekly Feature #211b: Black Taxi, live at Rocks Off Boat on 08.04


If New York’s music scene were summed up in two words, they would be Black Taxi. Kind of dirty, a little poppy, and VERY danceable, these Brooklynites fashion some of the most undeniably contagious music around. Each member brings to the table a style all his own, lending to Black Taxi’s widespread appeal and simultaneously distinct qualities, evident on their 2009 release, “Things of That Nature.” Lead vocalist Ezra Huleatt adds trumpet, keys, glockenspiel, and an array of noise-making gadgets to the mix that embellish Bill Mayo’s smooth backing vocals and virtuoso guitar skills, while Krisana Soponpong’s disco-infused bass lines interlace with Jason Holmes’s detailed drumming and resonant vocals. With finesse, Black Taxi compose songs of unmatched addictiveness, including “Shoeshine,” “Up Here for Thinking, Down There for Dancing,” “It’s a Ball,” and “Love Song for Ghost.” Revised fan-favorites from the band’s first two EP’s, “Pretty Mama,” “Head on a Pike” and “Wanted Man” remain staples in Black Taxi’s sets at their eye-catching, awe-inspiring shows. - Read Meijin Bruttomesso interview with the band here.


Weekly Feature #211a: Naked Hearts play Mercury on 08.04

Naked Hearts' full length debut "Mass Hysteria" was The Deli's CD of the Month in May 2010. To fully appreciate the duo's talent for melancholic indie pop gems you might want to wait for the fall - which every stereotype indicates as the most melancholic of seasons. But good music is good music, even in the hottest NYC summer on record. - Read Claire Marie Le Bihan interview with the band here.