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Hip Hop for hipsters (let's call it Hip Hopster): METERMAIDS

METERMAIDS get in your face like marshmallow dentures; they have great taste and you can’t help but smile. MCs Swell and Sentence are so adept at crafting intricate and clever verses that you usually don’t even notice how deep they get; you’re too busy lunging around the room in an unrestrained blissful frenzy. In preparation for their upcoming album ROOFTOP SHAKE (produced by beat maestro 9th Wonder), they have released yet another in a slew of free EPs featuring indie-rock remixes and live performances with their band. The HELLO SP is available for free download on and features remixes of Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, Dead Weather, and more. In the struggle to create smart, awesome, and startlingly emotive music, it seems METERMAIDS have written their own ticket. - BrokeMC


First Musicians Corner Show This Saturday!


The Deli SF's Weekend Highlights For 7/9-7/11

On Friday, put your gloves on and head down to the Knockout where The Magic Bullets will be celebrating the release of their LP with Dreamdate, Wax Idols, and The Lambs, 9pm.

Alternatively, out at the Bottom of the Hill on Friday,'s Summer Fest will be hosting Music for Animals, The Hundred Days, and the Foreign Report, 9:30pm.

This Saturday Social Studies, who will be celebrating their CD release early next month, will be playing at the Great American Music Hall with Au Revoir Simone and Alexa Wilding, 8pm.

Lastly, on Sunday Head up to Cafe Du Nord where Birds and Batteries, whose latest album is currently the Deli's album of the month, will be sharing the stage with Grand Hallway and The Moanin' Dove, 8pm.


-Ada Lann


LC Fest starts tonight with 12 NYC artists at Bar4

Luke Wesley and Debbie Miller (pictured) are two of the 12 NYC artists who will perform at the inaugural night of the 4th Annual LC Fest, organized by independent music community Local Correspondents at Bar4 in Park Slope. Wesley's piano-based melodic pop-rock can be heard on his brand-new CD, Because We Never Talk About It (Engine Room Records), while Miller's self-released Fake Love CD features quirky songs that blend humor with heartbreak. Performances begin at 8 p.m. You can find the complete schedule of all five nights (from July 7th to the 11th) here. For 42 free MP3s from festivals artists, split into four volumes for easy downloading, go here.


Reds and Blue

Addenda Records will be releasing the debut album, Son of the Stars, from Reds and Blue next month. The album is perfect example of the consistently high-quality psychedelic pop that is coming out of Chicago right now. The band is solid and each member has seen success in other bands around town, but the centerpiece of Reds and Blue is the sultry vocals of Ellen Bunch. Her is delivery is at times lazy and drifting, at times heated and mesmerizing, and at times full of force and energy, she is a complete package. The album will be released in an addition of 500 hand stamped vinyl on August 17th, so it is set up like a traditional Side A/Side B release. I think that style, that nostalgia, lends itself to the band’s psychedelic feel. The five tracks on each side fit together and give that natural progression.

Reds and Blues will be performing at Schubas on July 30th.