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Alchemilla CD release @ Middle East Down 7/10


Alchemilla is releasing their first full-length album this Saturday. Chasing Ghosts is an intense collection of hard alt-rock influenced by Led Zeppelin and 90's alt like Sonic Youth and Pearl Jam. Kat Burke's vocals are powerful and lovely (so is she) at the same time. They make the rock beautiful. The band has been together for a decade and has probably played more venues than you have been to. The bill for the release show is insane:Alchemilla  will be joined by The Force, Planetoid, Captain Cutthroat and The Few. Get tickets HERE

Middle East Downstairs 480 Mass Ave 18+ 10bux

--The Deli Staff


Best of NYC #23: Motel Motel

We continue our "Best of NYC Countdown", covering every day one of the artists that made our Year End Best of NYC list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record store personnel and DJs)

From a harder attitude of “Coffee” to emphasizing softer strings of “Harlem,” Motel Motel skillfully designs variety in composition of each of its single-word titled songs. Whether changing tempo or delivering inspired slant rhyme lyrics, Motel Motel keeps listeners interested and attracted to its eccentric, unpredictable flow and commendable attention to detail. While its character may appeal to fans of Cold War Kids, Motel Motel introduces a unique style of indie rock with country influences. - Gina Alioto - Read a Q&A with the band here.


Summer 2010 - Alt Rock Bands invade NYC: The Gaslight Anthem

I don't know if it's the summer of what, but since July a bunch of Alt Rock bands have jumped on top of our NYC charts (see orange top 20 on the left), including our beloved Semi Precious Weapons, but also Status Green, boy band Stereo Skyline and The Gaslight Anthem - where are we, in friggin' LA? I guess summer is the ideal season to promote optimistic music like The Gaslight Anthem's one, who have just released this video for their single "American Sland", reminiscent of some of the best anthemic songs written by the Boss. Brooklyn indie bands will surely have their revenge as soon as the depressing NYC winter approaches...


From our Open Blog: Introducing... SELECTRONICS

SELECTRONICS is a junk pile of abrasive fuzzed out beats and melodic sawtooth slapback synths compressed into a glowing red cube of sound. On the verge of psychedelia, Josh Finck [SELECTRONICS] brings things back down to earth through sampling the familiar - whether it be cutting up your childhood Casio keyboard beats or recording musty pitches from your grandma's air ducts. Plainly stated: SELECTRONICS aims to overwrite your memory. VHS ep release and Live Dates Coming Soon!


Live Review: Mercers @ The Parish 7/3

The Mercers don’t need pillow talk as foreplay or to supplement their sound.  Without pomp and circumstance, the four members took their positions and filled the Parish Saturday night with thrashing guitars and keening wails.  While two fans expressed their enthusiasm with manic turns and leaps, most showed their appreciation with gentle sways and bobbing heads. More joined the dance party (albeit not as extreme as the spinning duo monopolizing the dance floor) as the waves from the speakers grew stronger, climaxing around lucky number seven. 

 The Mercer’s sound is like contained liquid bubbling over itself: the only thing keeping it from spilling over is the tension and attraction between individual molecules. Peter Wagner’s voice—evocative and resonant; ethereal and redolent—is backed by driving beats from drummer Ethan Herr and bassist Bryan Ray while synthesist Erik Ray adds ornamental flourishes like the jangling of a tambourine in between sips of Lonestar beer.

The set was comprised of tracks from their full-length album Pretty Things Walk as well as their two EPs, Hovercraft and the recently released Giant. Their new song "Urgency" was welcomed by the crowd, though the two improv dancers were shown the door before the Mercers delivered their rendition of the Genesis song "Abacab".

--Resalin Rago