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The Hood Internet have dropped a new mixtape! Feature everything from Aesop Rock and Drake to Beach House and Washed Out the new mix is the perfect summer party mix. You can download "Thrillwave" here.

The Hood Internet will be a part of Dickfork 2.010 taking place on Friday the 16th at Darkroom. The event starts at 9pm and also features Kid Static and Only Children and more.


Best of NYC #20: Midnight Spin, Live at Crash Mansion on 08.07

We continue our "Best of NYC Countdown", covering every day one of the artists that made our Year End Best of NYC list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record store personnel, DJs, and our writers and readers).

After multiple rounds of categorizing, voting, narrowing down, and counting, Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based Midnight Spin landed at the top of The Deli Magazine’s “New York's Best Emerging Artist of 2009 Reader's Poll.” Freshly formed in 2008, Mike Corbett (vocals, guitar), Jim Terranova (guitar, vocals ), Danny Scull (drums), Ben Waters (bass), and Jeremy Cohen (keys) have been touring around town, selling out beloved venues in New York, including the Lower East Side’s Mercury Lounge, making headway at college campuses across the country, and leaving lasting impressions at this past year’s CMJ Music Marathon. The quintet has gained substantial support in their short time as a band, and with their recent victory on The Deli’s website poll, Midnight Spin may hold the keys to hitting the big time in no time. Their album “Through the Mojo Wire,” released last summer, resembles the type of record that would skip the Indie scene and head straight for the “Top 40s.” However, unsigned and New York-grown, Midnight Spin have benefited from the necessary acknowledgment by the neighborhood, a feel-good step in any emerging band’s career.


Deli Artist of the Month The Spring Standards release new Video

The Spring Standards - currently our artist of the month - are a NYC trio of multi instrumentalists who play rather mellow folky tunes. The band released their debut full length in April, showcasing a sound more varied than your average Americana band, enriched by beautifully evocative male/female vocals. Bells and Whistles is the song the trio chose for their debut video, which is tastefully (and quite literally) inspired to the song's lyrics.


Where Is My Mind?: Man Man’s Honus Honus (Part 2)

We welcome you back to the second half of Where Is My Mind? with Man Man’s Honus Honus.
TD: How has the Philly music scene changed since you became involved with it?
HH: More of on a national level. It's great. People know good (and strange) music comes from the city. I'm proud of how much Philly's scene has grown and grown to be appreciated.
TD: What is your favorite Philly band right now?
HH: Grandchildren. Very sick.
TD: You guys have a lot of antics on stage, but what about puking on stage?  Is that totally rock star, or just gross?
HH: I vomit on the stage quite often. But then I have to swallow it and keep singing. I'd say that it's pretty gross. Totally "Rock Star" would be drowning in your own vomit in a hotel. I've yet to experience that, but I won't rule it out.
TD: When we chatted briefly earlier, you spoke of an album that you had recorded with Nick Thornburn (Islands, The Unicorns) and its intriguing Doom Wop classification. When can we expect that and will there be any touring in support?
HH: Have low expectations and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Nick and I split up main vocal duties and my buddy Joe (Modest Mouse/Shins/Blackheart) handles the drums. We'll play some shows here and there whenever our 3 schedules will allow. Keep your ears peeled. We're looking to record the album this winter and get it out there sometime next year. If you can imagine a collision of Nick and my own songwriting styles packed into 3 minutes and under per song, then you'll get an idea for the sound of the band. Next year is gonna be busy for sure.
TD: What is your favorite historical mustache?
HH: Linda Lovelace.
TD: Are robots the future or the end?
HH: Cannot compute.
TD: If you could invent an instrument, what would it look/sound like, and what would it be named?
HH: Adam Gould. I'd string it up and beat it like a balloon.
TD: What sandwich do you order at the deli?
HH: Knuckle. 
- Adam G.



Party with Y-Rock On Ex-pn ex-DJs at The Troc July 13

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m usually the last in on technology. I was harshly reminded of it this weekend at Making Time when Adam G., one of our writers, said, “Damn, for someone who is an editor at The Deli, you have a ghetto-ass phone!” I do. It’s a flip phone that’s hanging off the hinges. What can I say? I’m not sure if I want to renew my contract with Sprint for another phone. Well, I’ve been making an effort to be better at this “technology thing”. I hear that the internet might catch on. I’ve been trying to check our Twitter account more often though I sometimes find it rather ridiculous (I love you ?uestlove, but how does any human find that much time to tweet?), but I have to admit that I do love retweeting free downloads and shows to people. This was tweeted to us courtesy of Pattern Is Movement’s Chris Ward, and it looks like a fun time for albeit a somewhat sad occasion. It’s a party for the ex-DJs from Y-Rock. As you’ve probably read, XPN made some major cuts recently dropping one of Philly’s few rock stations from their on-air programming. Tonight you’ll get a chance at The Troc to thank the Y-Rockers for, well, rockin’! There will be plenty of drinks served up (out of your pocket) and performances by local favorites Pattern Is Movement, Gang and The Swimmers. Admission is FREE so don’t be stingy and by the Y-Rock folks some shots! Update: I'm guessing tonight's event will be a good chance for Josh T. Landow and the crew to let their friends and fans know that they will be coming together again at internet radio station Y-Not Radio. The battle wages on. The Balcony at The Troc, 1003 Arch St., 6pm - 11pm, FREE, 21+ - Q.D. Tran