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Odd Couple Motorcycle Maus and The Circadian Rhythms at DDG July 13

It’s hard to imagine how the harsh electric static of experimental post-industrial outfit Motorcycle Maus and the corporeal, rustic swinging blues-folk bumps of The Circadian Rhythms will pair together in a debauched West Philly basement venue. These adored hometown beat-factories make for strange bedfellows, really, especially when Tennessee’s revolving AM radio-pop quartet Children of Spy comes into play. But what brings these three very different (and, trust us, different is an understatement) acts together is that underlining wave of infectious pop sentimentality. So it’s kinda like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in musical form - peachy-keen, crotchety old (wo)man to awe-inspired, self-reflecting 30-something to spry, bouncy, not-yet-jaded young adult - and that’s not something you’d want to miss. Danger Danger Gallery, 5013 Baltimore Ave., 8 pm, $5 - $10, All Ages - Annamarya Scaccia



Sam Adams Launches Listen Local Program



Mayor Sam Adams must have pulled inspiration from his recently hung portrait of sir Isaac Brock for his newest endeavor.

Adams announced last week the launch of Listen Local, a program that replaces our fine city’s “easy listening” on-hold music with tunes produced by Portland musicians, and by doing so highlights the vibrant, creative culture of Portland to callers both near and far.

“From our entrepreneurs to our artists, what starts in Portland tends to be watched – and bought – around the world,” said Mayor Adams. “Portland’s economic prosperity is being built on our innovation and our creativity. Listen Local showcases both.”

Portland-based music licensing and sonic branding company, Rumblefish, partnered up with the mayor to help develop the two-year pilot program to raise awareness of Portland’s spectacular music scene and reputation for being a thriving creative community.

A Community Listening Panel comprised of Portlander volunteers determines Listen Local’s quarterly playlists. The summer quarter’s selections vary from hip-hop to folk, classical, jazz and electronic, and features a few Deli favorites including Tu Fawning, Derby, Nick Jaina and Loch Lomond (featured in the badass video below).

Listen Local with Loch Lomond from Mayor Sam Adams on Vimeo.



Listen Local invites all Portlanders to be a part of the program by joining the Panel or submitting their music to Rumblefish.


-Katrina Nattress


Y La Bamba's “Juniper,” Summer Dates and Record Release Announced


For the first seconds I was skeptical. I began to dread the reverb-y choir and opening guitar plucking preceding Y La Bamba's “Juniper.” But lo and behold, the song actually became a song.

Provided with a steady rhythm, Luzelena Mendoza (Y La Bamba herself) sways her voice to a call and response melody both eerie and moving. The tune is from Lupon, Mendoza's first full-band debut on Portland's Tender Loving Empire. Produced by the Decemberist's Chris Funk (who continues his strong résumé), Lupon will be available September 28, 2010.

However (yes there is more), if waiting until fall is too heavy a burden, might one advise a string of shows, including an artist's residency at the Laurelthirst Public House? Yes, it has been advised.

7/14- Portland, OR - Laurelthirst Public House (Laurelthirst Artist Residency)

7/18- Salem, OR - Miller Brothers Ranch - EMRG+N+SEE 2010

7/21- Portland, OR - Laurelthirst Public House (Laurelthirst Artist Residency)

7/28- Portland, OR - Laurelthirst Public House (Laurelthirst Artist Residency)

9/10 - Portland, OR - Someday Lounge (Musicfest NW)

9/23 - Corvallis OR - BS Music Fest

The band also just announced today that their album release show will be September 17 at Mississippi Studios, so clear your calendar.

Check out "Juniper" below:



 - Nick Walker


The Faster The Treadmill

I Fight Dragons have done it again. The band's new video for their track "The Faster The Treadmill" was animated by Grey Gerling and the song itself appears on their debut ep Cool is Just a Number.


Slowly by Daniel Knox

The site You, Me, Them, Everybody has begun to make music videos and their first two releases feature Daniel Knox and Black Math (Part of Me). Both video were directed by the man behind YMTE Brandon Wetherbee.