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Debut Buddie EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Buddie, the fuzzed-out Philly powerpop project of Dan Forest, just dropped its debut EP Change of Scenery. The origins of the songs began while Forest was employed as a conservation biologist in Bioko (a small island in Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa), and have been fleshed out in the Grays Ferry studio of Keith Abrams (Pine Barons, Tremellow), who is responsible for mixing the album. The cassette is now available via Super Wimpy Punch, and the band will be rockin' the label's South Philly headquarters tomorrow evening to celebrate its arrival. They'll also be joined by Qwark, Swim Camp, and Vermont's Yellowfront.


City of Sound reach for the rafters on anthemic "The Madhouse," perform at El Cid on 1/11

City of Sound reach for as far as they possibly can on "The Madhouse." The North Hollywood trio's anthemic, piano-driven sweep affects the senses with a victorious sense of triumph, as lead singer Jordan Wright elevates his vocals to operatic levels with a warm tenor. True to their grand band name, there's not a moment throughout "Madhouse" where we feel like they're about to soften their delivery. Every moment in this towering power ballad shines with blinding brightness, as they make their musical ambitions show with a clear intent. 

"The Madhouse" is featured on City of Sound's latest EP, Silent Empire I, the first in a trio of EP's that will culminate into a conceptual full-length recording. Catch their headlining release show set tomorrow, January 11, at El Cid. Juan Rodríguez


TMBOY's new album "Steam" (out 02.08) is an kinetic exploration of isolation

When the first handful of TMBOY’s singles came out in 2018, it was clear that the electro-pop duo could pull off subtle rushes of emotion when combined with subdued, drum-heavy dance beats. On their newest album Steam, the pair doubles down on the sound of their singles, creating an album of hypnotic synths and glimmering vocals. The intricate rhythms of the electronic drums often interlace with a variety of synthesizers, offering quick jolts to a song’s groove or an atmospheric moment of meditation. The instrumentals offer hints of LCD Soundsystem, but the lyrics on Steam are unique to TMBOY. Earnest declarations and realizations of isolation make the act of touch and travel on these tracks sound otherworldly. Songs like “No One” and “Submarine” highlight how these sonic collaborations can so powerfully capture feelings of loneliness and searching for connection. You can listen to Steam when it releases on Feb. 08 and catch TMBOY live at their release show at Union Pool. -Tucker Pennington


Genre-benders Okey Dokey play Mercy Lounge on 01.25

As if the past several posts haven't given enough indication, January has presented the Nashville indie music connoisseur with plenty of shows to attend. Should you consider yourself such a sommelier of tunes, head down to Mercy Lounge on January 25th to hear psych-rock genre-benders Okey Dokey play some tracks from their upcoming album Tell All Your Friend (sic), which drops on March 29th. After touring throughout 2017, the band -- which consists of Aaron Martin and Johny Fisher -- spent last year writing and collaborating with fellow musicians and friends such as Nick Bockrath of Cage the Elephant and Liz Cooper to create what you'll hear on their upcoming sophomore album. Tell All Your Friend already has a few singles out; one of them, "When They Get Older", has a nice retro bop to it, and it features the funk touch of Rayland Baxter. Check out the music video for "When They Get Older" below. - Will Sisskind


The Deli Philly's Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: Breaklite

Breaklite have branded themselves “the stoner punks (from hell) we all know and love,” and that just might be the case after you take their debut EP Bloodshot for a spin. It gave us the feels, and we’re down to see/hear where this party bus is going. We recently caught up with frontman Johnny Germ for our Featured Artist(s) Q&A. Check it out HERE, and join the cult!