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Quiet Desperation presents the 32nd Annual WBCN Rumble!! THURSDAY AT GREAT SCOTT

 The WBCN Rock 'n' Roll Rumble is a timeless tradition in Boston. With the recent demise of WBCN, Rob Potylo has decided to revive the contest, but in a non-traditional fashion. The WBCN Rumble had a reputation to promote local bands in a competitive way through an elimination contest even though they rarely played local music on their station. WBCN has a place in my heart. I don't know what that place looks like, possibly my bedroom at age fifteen listening to Nik Carter's show writing angry notes (that would be folded into hearts) to my friends about what a stupid bastard Nik Carter is and wondering who is picking this music? As grunge died off and corporate America consumed the music business, the station turned to crap and died. The Rumble this Thursday is in celebration of local music and the Boston music community. I will be one of the "judges". Come rejoice with the sounds of:
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling

Rob Potylo (Full-band)

Quiet Desperation is a sitcom about the Boston music scene. Check out episode nineteen above.

Great Scott - Allston MA 8pm, 8 bucks, 18+

--Meghan Chiampa


NYC Artists on the rise: Bronze

We accidentally caught Bronze live at Pianos last night and dug them. Today we find out that they are no total strangers, as they formed from the ashes of Detachment Kit, a band we covered several times. Compared to the now defunct act, Bronze have a less guitar centric, more produced sound, in some sort of crunchy dance-pop sort of way (think something between MGMT and Social Broken Scene), and an equally fun live show, with the added textural element brought by Jess Birch frantic percussion. Check out their songs here, they don't have shows planned as we speak.


Remixes: railcars "Castles" and More

Checking in with with the current activities of the railcars, it would seem Aria has been something of a busy little bee. While working on his cover of the Kate Bush album Hounds of Love he has also been getting a little remix-happy, having recently yet another to follow the one we reported on not to long ago. This particular one is a remix of Seamonster's track "Oh Appalachia."

In addition to this remix by railcars, more remixes of the railcars' song "Castles" have been surfacing. Both are from the free remix album we posted about recently that will be featuring Xiu Xiu, White Rainbow, Truman Peyote, and others. The first is done by No Age and the second by Jeans Wilder, who evidently has a split release with Best Coast (who played this years Noise Pop) that is apparently rumored to be aces. Check out all three tracks bellow.


-Ada Lann


 railcars remix of "Oh Appalachia"


No Age remix of "Castles"


Jeans Wilder's remix of "Castles"



On May 4th the new single from Via Tania will be released by The:Hours. “Fields” will include remixes from Lemonade, The Presets, and The Juan Maclean. You should also check out Tania’s cover of Fever Ray’s “If I Had A Heart” filmed in New Zealand.

You can see Via Tania on June 13th at Old Town Art Fair and on June 21st at Jay Pritzker Pavilion with The Books.


Rockers’ 3rd Anniversary at Tritone April 28

Tritone’s current showcase is indeed aptly named. In celebration of “Rockers’ 3rd Anniversary”, this well-loved but often forgotten South Street venue sets to crank up the volume starting with Sunny Ali & the Kid. With kick drum zeitgeist and a Johnny Cash-esque drawl, Hassan Ali’s songs fall between fuzzed out psych and punk glazed folk. “Hey You Know What, Jawad?” is a charming snarky shout out with a catchy caustic backbeat, despite its brevity. “Fuck Me” is stripped down and reminiscent of Devendra’s “Rejoicing In the Hands”. Rockers thankfully includes the risky harmonics of The Mighty Paradocs. Meshing hip-hop with punk rock, The Mighty Paradocs’ politics go straight for the jugular, while their riffs screech along with the beat. “Burnin” and “Hollywood Meets Bollywood” revives the pulse of a movement that collapsed in ’76. The buzzing shreds of The Lopez are perfect for slam dancing, bringing to mind The Misfits plus Le Tigre, leaving listeners smitten with tracks like “The Ballad of DCB” and “Gates of Heaven”. Each band is ready to sonically assault you, prepare accordingly. Tritone, 1508 South S., 9pm, $5, 21+ - Dianca Potts