Weekly Feature #207a: Darwin Deez, live at Santos, June 22

“It’s interesting – being a new artist is a blessing, because you have the element of surprise,” says Darwin Deez (née Smith), the lanky, mustachioed guitarist in Brooklyn’s Creaky Boards. “No one’s expecting anything, so you just get to make your statement. People get it or they don’t. The next statement that you make has to be well received by the people who liked your first statement as well as other people, because you never get anywhere if you just make one statement to one group of people.”
Fresh off a whirlwind United Kingdom tour curated by NME, Deez appears to already be plagued with thoughts of a follow-up to his debut self-titled solo album. London-based indie label Lucky Number just released his record this past spring, and it’s already getting rave reviews across the pond. - Read Nancy Chow's feature on Darwin Deez here.


Weekly Feature #207b: Harper Blynn, live at Public Assembly, June 27

Harper Blynn is a combination of childhood friends, college buds and bonds through music that make them who they are today. Previously playing as a duo under the name Pete and J, the Pete Harper and J.Blynn realized they needed a band and called upon J’s friend since middle school Sarab Singh. The three then met Whynot (that is in fact his name) and became the now four-piece Harper Blynn, whose album “Loneliest Generation” was released in December. Their music is emotional and melodic, with throwbacks to The Beatles and Neil Young, but stepping in and out of newer sounds and genres. With lots of “man-singing” as they say and plucky piano or guitar parts, Harper Blynn seems to be aiming to pull at the heartstrings of their listener. - Read Lauren Piper's interview with the band here.


Best of NYC #34: The Paper Raincoat

We continue our "Best of NYC Countdown", covering every day one of the artists that made our Year End Best of NYC list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record store personnel and DJs).

What do The Paper Raincoat and Wes Anderson films have in common? They are witty, eccentric and absolutely brilliant. The Paper Raincoat’s self-titled album is a splendid soundtrack full of fun folk-pop arrangements accompanied by the charming vocals of Alex Wong and Amber Rubarth. Lots of piano, catchy hooks and details like tambourine only add to the personality of each song. “Rough Cut” and “Rewind” are tracks that clearly demonstrate The Paper Raincoat is on the right track to becoming the next indie darlings. - Melissa Wong


Suckers' new Video!

Premiered on Pitchfork, from Suckers' debut full-length album Wild Smile, out on French Kiss Records.


!!! are back! Stream new single on their site.

Alt Dance masters !!! are back with a new album entitled "Strange Weather Isn't It?" due August 24 on Warp. The CD was recorded in Berlin, New York and Sacramento, California and co-produced by the band with Eric Broucek. Stream the first single "AM/FM" here.