"Real Loud" Brooklyn Bands: Descender

NYC quartet Descender makes sure the flames of early post-hardcore are burning strong on their eponymous six-track introduction to the world. Creating music that is well versed in the tradition of NYC underground heaviness, this unit does a solid job in projecting a relentless sense of immediacy with enough lung-ripping refrains that stick in your head for days while implementing the kind of Sick of it All-esque moments of infectious melody that call for immediate pile-ons (“Crooked Teeth”). Fusing the indomitable spirit of DIY hardcore with a jagged blend of modern hardcore punk brutality and indie rock dexterity, Descender has developed a specific strand of blunt heaviness that doles out qualities you can still feel ok about throwing elbows to with rounds of stellar musicianship that transcend the throwback tag. -Mike SOS


The Strokes are back - at least on stage.

We recently mentioned The Strokes in our printed issue, saying that the band seemed to be confined into some sort of self-exile mode. Well, we hear that on Wednesday 06.09.2010 the 5 Manhattanites played their first live show since 2006 in a very intimate setting in London. The show apparently didn't include any new material. The band will play UK festival gigs over the weekend and Lollapalooza in Chicago in August. No news about new records on the horizon, nor about shows in NYC at this stage.



Anna Rose releases debut album, plays R Bar on June 11

25-year-old singer songwriter, pianist and, primarily, guitarist Anna Rose has release her debut full album "Nomad" on June 8. Produced by Anna with Billy Sullivan and legendary producer Bruce Botnick's supervision, Nomad was recorded in New York and California and makes a singular impression of a female singer-songwriter imagining with fresh new verve the great rock and roll tradition of high craft and liberated spirit. Anna Rose will be performing in support of the release at R Bar on June 11 and at The Canal Room on July 9.


Suckers release full length after years of waitin' - Live at Music Hall, 06.18

While most indie rock bands tend to rush into releasing their first debut album, others - probably more wisely - wait for things to slowly fall into place before they put out what is undeniably a major creative effort for any artist. Suckers' popularity has been growing slowly but steadily for at least 3-4 years, and finally, with the help of Frenchkiss Records, they have released their debut full length Wild Smile, available for streaming here. At a first listen, the album confirms the band's strength in producing hypnotizing, slow paced, textured, trippy tunes, with a fascination for chanting and soulful harmonizations. The strongest track seems to belong to their older repertoire ("It Gets Your Body Moving") some sort of choral, timeless psychedelic lullaby, slowly building in intensity and power, that was already present in their debut EP. The band has also announced a fall tour with Menomena. See them live at The Music Hall of Williamsburg on June 18.


Weekly Feature #206b: Sticklips, live at Unkle Mike's on July 17

There’s nothing quite straight-forward about this four piece’s slippery, somewhat dissonant, winding folk music. With sounds of fingers sliding up and down acoustic guitars, crystalline vocals and blatantly strange electronic interjections, Sticklips’ tunes leave listeners curious as hell. There are so many unanswered questions in each song. Music that seems like it should be so easy to figure out, with nice female vocals and some quirky instrumental aspects, instead creates riddles with its lyrics and ever surprising musical changes. There’s a depth in Johanna Warren’s thin, yet enticing vocals that makes it more than what it seems. In a song like “Cattleships and Bruisers,” the bass line is low and whispering and it change in a heartbeat from sweet and acoustic to uplifting and electric as waves of feedback enter without a moment’s notice. There is an eerie, ghostly quality to Sticklips’ sound as it combines so many aspects but spits it out in a pretty unique way. - Read Lauren Piper's interview with the band here.