Weekly Feature #205a: Monogold play Kevchino's party at The Knit on 06.16

This Brooklyn 3-piece rocks around town with a falsetto voice and nicely patterned rhythms which had them on the road this spring with The Stationary Set after an appearance at SXSW. Formed in 2006 they released an EP titled “Waves” in 2007 and are now promoting their newest release “We Animals” which came out last year. These recent road dates find the band's live show played out more aggressively than their sleepily tinged album suggests. But in their love for all things mammalian, Monogold finds themselves situated somewhere between the sea and the land playing shows to friends and fans who can appreciate hand drawn cover art and self-recorded music. - See Monogold live at's party at The knit on June 16 + read Simon Heggie's interview with the band here.


From The Deli's Open Blog: Live Footage play Mercury on 06.13

Hello Fellow Deli Followers! Come on out to the Mercury Lounge on Sunday June 13th to check out Live Footage, Setting Sun, Quitzow, and Siwat. Live Footage is a Brooklyn based electronic Rock duo consisting of electronic Cello, and Drums/Keys. Setting Sun and Quitzow are fresh off their 4 week European tour and sounding great! Both will be celebrating a CD release "Fanstasurreal" (Setting Sun), and "Juice Water" (Quitzow). These bands have played multiple bills together, so be prepared for a jam packed show of fun! - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).



From The Deli's Open Blog: Galaxy of Tar release debut CD

Galaxy of Tar's Naima Mora has a face you've seen before - she won "America's Next Top Model" in 2005 and went on to to be the CoverGirl contract model - but it's high time for her to be heard and not just seen. Filling her role as front-woman with passion and dynamism, her voice soars skyward over the Latin-esque poly-rhythms and churning riffage of drummer/sonic-architect, Elias Diaz V.'s Volatile Glass, the latest free release from Lapdance Academy. Borrowing equally from Diaz's Dominican roots and the industrial pulse of Brooklyn's transit system, GALAXY OF TAR have created a unique sonic space between SANTANA'S "Abraxas" and TOOL'S "Lateralus." Rounded out by the torn, metallic shards of Nemanja Rebic's guitars and the deep pockets of Samuel Fernandez's bass lines, "Volatile Glass", the band's debut album, is available for streaming preview and free download in 256 and 320 bit-rates here. The band's next live show in NYC will be at Commodore Barry Park on June 27. - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).



NYC Artists on the rise: Baby Alpaca, live at Pianos, June 10

Baby Alpaca arrive as yet-another Brooklyn based band attempting to make some kind of mark on the musical landscape. They are introduced by way of their first single “Vodka Lemonade.” “Let’s live our Marilyn dreams and dance away,” and “waste away in the sun,” is how the lyrics go. The vocals are deep and reverbed and the overall feel is lazy, lolling, relaxed and hazy. Musically, there is a 1950’s feel present, but by way of David Lynch’s filter. It is post punk, psychedelic, folk and a crooner feel to it as well. Like a male Nicole Atkins who’s chosen to sit on the sidelines and watch the world drift by in front of them. “This was our dream but it didn’t mean a thing ‘cause now you’re gone” is the cause to become “sunken in the vodka lemonade.” Heartbreak can do that to you. “Let’s live our heroin dreams, dance with coke fiends.” It’s like a gothic reply to MGMT’s “Time To Pretend.” “True Heart” continues the slow crooning aspects and again one wouldn’t be off base thinking of Ms. Atkins and the more eerily side of her catalogue (“Neptune City” “The Way It Is”). Vocalist Chris Kittrell modifies this style somewhat on “Driving To See You” which wouldn’t be out of place on, say a Cowboy Junkies album. The instrumental accompaniment is understated and sparse. Mostly consisting of a tambourine, single drum thump, mysterious organ line and a zither-like device. It all adds up to something quite unique. - Dave Cromwell


Starring play "prog-orgy-rock" + release CD at Death by Audio, June 10th

Considering that Starring features members of Pterodactyl, Talibam! and Skeleton$, it could not possibly be a non noisy project. The band's tunes are dominated by chanting vocals, tense and staccato organ sounds, frantic drumming, and clangy guitar tones - perhaps inspired by Arto Lindsay's atonal style which he pioneered in his glorious "no wave" days. All the instruments are played in some sort of "maximalistic" way here - no room for space or subtleties. The result is some kind of weird, crowded, explosive party music with a prog rock flavor... here comes a new genre: prog-orgy-rock?! Quoting Pere Ubu, we could really call this "The New Modern Dance (for the horny post punk hipster)". The band is releasing their debut CD "The Wife of God" with a show at Death by Audio on June 10. After that they will embark on a East Coast tour that will keep them busy until the end of June, when they will play Brooklyn again (Union Pool on June 25).