Joe & The Coats play Arlene's Grocery on June 4

I-banker turned singer-songwriter Joe Barney delivers catchy pop rock with thoughtful lyrics, dynamic guitar playing, and sweet melodies that don’t rot your teeth. With songs inspired by his countless breakups with, "supermodels" and a sound reflective of his time working with famed Rolling Stones producer Rob Fraboni, Mr. Barney, along with his band, The Coats, paints a portrait of a talented young artist struggling to find love and meaning in New York City. In an era of emotionally detached, beat-infused electro-pop music so often bereft of musicianship, Joe & The Coats offer a refreshingly honest, fun, and finely crafted classic rock show. (


Best of NYC #41: Ninjasonik - Live at Battery Park, June 26

We continue our "Best of NYC Countdown", covering every day one of the artists that made our Year End Best of NYC list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record store personnel and DJs).

If you are a regular Brooklyn party goer chances are you’ve probably seen DJ Teenwolf, Bathroomsexxx and Reverend McFly somewhere. This is Ninjasonik; three fun, party-loving gentlemen that embody everything there is about Brooklyn. Best buds with Matt & Kim and Japanther, their influences preeminent on the album (“Daylight” and “Silver Tiles”) are sampled on Art School Girls. Art School Girls is track-after-track of funny rhymes and catchy beats – perfect for creating wacky viral music videos. Find “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant” on Youtube and prepare to giggle and nod to heavy beats. This year they are playing the River to River Fest at Battery Park on June 26, which promises to be a lot of fun. - Nicholas Palumbo


Hre We Go Magic Video + CD release, Music Hall of Wburg, June 8

Well well well, all of a sudden one of our favorite Brooklyn bands (Here We Go Magic) sounds a little bit like our all time favorite NJ band (The Feelies). At least in this video of the song "Collector", out of the upcoming album "Pigeons", premiered on Pitchfork last week. This is very promising. CD release party at Music Hall of Williamsburg on June 8.


The Wailing Wall's CD release party at Mercury lounge, Friday 06.04

The Wailing Wall (brainchild of New York-based multi-instrumentalist, Jesse Rifkin) dress their folk songs with exotic influences and acoustic and percussive textures at times reminiscent of Animal Collective. The band's CD release party is this Friday at Mercury Lounge - a special show for the band as Jesse will be joined by drummer Alana Skyring (The Grates), guitarist Jason Anderson (K Records, ex-Wolf Colonel, member of The Microphones and Yume Bitsu), and saxophonist Gabriel Birnbaum (former member of The One AM Radio, Eli "Paperboy" Reed, and Drug Rug), among others. The Low Hanging Fruit is the title of the band's sophomore album, produced by Tim Fite - see them at Mercury lounge on June 4, it's a CD release party!


More people should listen to: Ivana XL, live at Sycamore, June 11

Ivana XL is pure talent (a lot of it), and very little organization - a little bit like a female Van Gogh of the NYC scene - or maybe a Syd Barret reincarnation, considering her psychedelic influences and surprising songwriting style, that induces memories of childhood. Ivana finally managed to put out an EP (entitled "Blood") that sounds good (all her most recent releases were just very basic 2 tracks live recordings.) You can listen to some of these tracks here. We've been fans of Ivana for quite some time now and would definitely recommend to listen to her music and see her live, she's playing Sycamore (awesome little venue in Ditmas Park) on June 11.