Weekly Feature #204a: Jacques Detergent

Jacques Detergent is the band that wrote the soundtrack to the imaginary lo-fi, indie version of the James Bond film series - unless you think the "Pink Panther" series filled that gap. The Brooklyn based quartet, who played at Cameo during The Deli's Best of NYC Fest, has a knack for suspenseful quirky instrumental tunes. Read Simon Heggie's interview with the band here.


A NYC band you'll hear about: Bear Hands

Here's Bear Hands' video of the song "What a Drag" - we likey! The band will play Music Hall of Williamsburg on June 29.


Best of NYC #42: A Rose Parade

We continue our "Best of NYC Countdown", covering every day one of the artists that made our Year End Best of NYC list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record store personnel and DJs).

A Rose Parade fosters a Lynchian world with its cinematic, dream-like music sequences. With her soulful and sultry vocals, Shannon Funchess of Light Asylum and !!! fame fronts a collective of musicians including Gerard Smith of TV on the Radio that produces detailed flourishes that meld into a surreal, genre-bending universe. In this constellation of colliding musical archetypes, dark, experimental pop tunes successfully co-exist with country-tinged, rolling folk songs. Although A Rose Parade only formed during the latter part of last year, the band has earned opening slots for the likes of Kaki King and tUnE-yArDs. -Nancy Chow


Nada Surf's new video

This is a brand new video by Nada Surf. The band release an album of covers a few weeks ago, this song entitled "electrocution" by Bill Fox, who was the lead singer and guitarist of the late 80s three-piece Cleveland, Ohio, garage pop band The Mice.


Kaiser Cartel have space issue + celebrate release at Joe's Pub on 06.08

We have a real weakness for Kaiser Cartel, a band that is truly able to warm our hearts with their gentle and intimate folk pop, and which will celebrate the release their new album "Secret Transit" at Joe's Pub on June 8. BUT... they did something that cannot not be mentioned! Here it come Kaiser Cartel people - you asked for it!!!

I often wonder if the format of a band name can really have any influence on its popularity of or any other related factor (the usual answer I give myself to this question is: "") Bands contact me all the time because they want their names to be printed in all caps or all lower case, or a weird combination of the two (like "sTickLiPs"). My first reaction is "DUUUUUDE..." followed immediately by: "...ok, I will fix it because I care!"
This kind of stuff happens so often that I got used to it... but then a band takes the whole thing to the next level: I remember distinctly being contacted by the Kaiser Cartel guys last year while we were promoting their appearence at the Best of NYC Fest 2009 - they asked me to fix the spelling of their band name by removing the space between their two last names: "it's KaiserCartel, not Kaiser Cartel". Sure, counterintuitive - but ok, there you go: fixed. Then one year later (today) I get an email from a PR person promoting Kaiser Cartel's (WITH THE BLOODY SPACE!) new album. I ask for "space confirmation", and I get it - WHA??? No dudes, you can't do this to me.
Now, to ensure that this will never happen again with any other band, I officially ask KC to answer these questions in our comment section below:
1. Why did you initially decide to go without a space?
2. Why did you subsequently decide to get rid of the lack of space? (uh, yeah, that's what happened, right?).
3. What was your fans' reaction to this change?
The world needs to know. - PDG