Fang Island announce dates with Flaming Lips

Exciting times for Brooklyn's indie avant-prog combo Fang Island after they earned Pitchfork's "Best new Music" blessing. The band announced dates supporting The Flaming Lips in July - definitely a fitting opener for the quirky psych rock darlings. Fang Island will also headline their own mini-tour beginning May 15th in Phoenix, leading to a NYC homecoming on May 29th with Dan Deacon to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Cake Shop. The quintet also plays Chicago's Green Music Fest in June. Fang Island began, oddly enough, as an art school project while the band members were attending the prodigious Rhode Island School of Design (also the foundation for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Les Savvy Fav, Six Finger Satellite, Lightning Bolt and some band called the Talking Heads.)


Deli Fest Friday: April Smith, Motel Motel, Shayna Zaid

While weirdos of all ages, sexes and races will head to Glasslands to witness some of the noisiest bands on Earth, more "normal" New Yorkers (who actually care about their hearing) will fill up Brooklyn Bowl to be entarteined in some kind of old style way by our wonderful April Smith and the Great Picture. Shall NYC party boys behave like gentlemen for one night - her music calls for it. Mellow folk rockers Motel Motel and emotional but fun loving Shayna Zaid and The Catch will be noteworthy openers.


Deli Fest Friday at Glasslands: Talk Normal, Buke and Gass, Miniboone

The Deli's Fest-ivities continue tonight with a rather noisy bill at Glasslands, where we'll have two of our beloved Deli Magazine "Cover Bands" performing (Talk Normal and Buke and Gass). The party will start around 8.30 with super fun Miniboone and their upbeat, enthusiastic indie pop.

Unreal and totally unique Buke and Gass (in the picture) will follow. Now, the recent buzz-plosion of band needs a little self-celebratory comment. We put these guys on the cover of our Summer 2009 printed magazine and to our surprise nobody seemed to give a crap. Well, dudes, Buke and Gass just toured with The National, signed to Brasslands, got an interview on Stereogum AND another one on WNYC Radiolab. So as you now are so many people are finally discovering this band you all may as well pick up one of those Deli issues with them on the cover (there will be plenty at the show) and/or check out their online feature here.
BUT, the band you shall not miss tonight is Talk Normal (in the video), another female fronted bloody noisy duo. These girls have picked up where Sonic youth left off - and the not so young Sonics are aware of it as they picked them to open for them at this summer Celebrate Brooklyn Fest in Prospect Park.
To sum it up: wonderfully nasty guitar tones will hit your eardrums tonight, earplugs recommended!


Deli Fest late party: Gordon Voidwell, Streetlab, Glass Ghost

The Deli's Best of NYC Fest's late Friday night show could not not be an electronic, dancey affair. Tonight at Glassland Gallery we'll have a night party with some very intriguing electronic acts, including: our Winter issue cover band Glass Ghost and their chilled but suspenseful electro-mellow-core (we are SO good at making up genres!); remixers with an indie heart Streetlab (who will be performing with a full lineup at 11.30 and then do their unmissable "live remixing" DJ set late at night): and finally what can be called "The Prince of Bronx" (or TAFKAPOB if you want, as in The Artist Previously Known As Prince of Bronx): this man - namely Gordon Voidwell, in the picture - will make us dance till we drop - can't wait for the song "Ivy League Circus" to start!


An aloof NYC band to fall in love with: The Hundred in the Hands

Brooklyn-based duo The Hundred in the Hands hits the road for their first national tour beginning June 3 in San Francisco. The tour coincides with the release of the band’s debut EP, This Desert, on Warp Records, to be followed by the band’s debut LP this fall. To simplify we could say that these guys sound like an electronic, darkest version of Pains Being pure at Heart, with a more "German" (as in "Kraut Rock", industrial, "detached") approach to 80s references like The Smiths, Cocteau Twins and early Echo and the Bunnymen. We can predict that this summer many will fall in love with their music (and singer Eleanor Everdell of course).
P.S. Curiously enough, soon after I mentioned the word "German" I noticed that 4 out of 5 songs the band has posted on Myspace have the word "Dresden" in it - good guess?