Mose Giganticus Drop Latest Album on Relapse Records in North America

Mose Giganticus’ latest album Gift Horse is available in North America today on Relapse Records. The follow-up to the band’s 2008 EP Commander! was recorded at Skylight Studios (Circa Survive, None More Black, Turmoil) with engineer Vince Ratti. Being one of the casualties from The Khyber’s recent fallout/summer break(?), Mose Giganticus will be celebrating their record release at The Fire on August 13 with Monolith, City of Ships and Constant. - H.M. Kauffman


New Major Lazer EP Available for Streaming

Major Lazer’s latest release Lazers Never Die EP is available for streaming here. It features an appearance by M.I.A. on opening track “Sound of Siren” and a Thom Yorke remix. - H.M. Kauffman



Kuf Knotz Signs to Mad Dragon Records

Just wanted to congratulate Kuf Knotz on signing to Drexel’s Mad Dragon Records! We’ve been crossing paths for years now, and I’ve had a close-up view of his career at many different stages so I know how much this means to him. If his name sounds vaguely familiar, Kuf has been hustlin’ around the Philly music scene for years now. He’s also received plenty of love from Helen Leicht and the XPN crew. Kuf was an essential part of the now defunct hip hop/rock collaborative BurnDown All Stars, and is currently with The Hustle, which he founded. There are also some hot tracks that he laid down with Mutlu and Dave Quicks as Subtle Ground. (But who knows if they’ll ever see the light of day?) I look forward to seeing Kuf’s pics from the road. The guy is a master action photographer. Look out for his solo album BoomBox Logic later this year. Cheers! - Q.D. Tran



The Deli’s Featured Artist of the Month: The Fallen Troubadours

The Fallen Troubadours aren’t actually from Philly, but we’re guessing that we’ll hear more from them soon when they finish their upcoming new album. Their rootsy rock makes a great soundtrack for many drunken nights and should be welcomed with open arms by Philly’s like-minded music community. Guitarist Brendan Steaklum was nice enough to answer a few of our questions.
The Deli: How did The Fallen Troubadours start?
Brendan Steakelum: Well...TFT is an evolution of an idea/band that's had many faces. The lead singer (Brad Stewart) and I have been playing in bands, writing songs together since high school. Our last band was called the Suns of Ivy, but we broke up due to "creative differences". So I moved on to another project (playing bass in The Great Unknown) and Brad, Clif, Mike and Brandon started a band called Northern Soul. Inevitably we started making music again and renamed the band The Fallen Troubadours and started playing some local shows in the city, and recording songs. we are.
TD: Where did your band name come from?
BS: The name was used for an acoustic show that Brad and I did years ago.  We recently found a poster from the show and thought it was a better name than Northern Soul…so we changed the name. Like most band names it just sounds better than everything else we were tossing around.
TD: What are your biggest musical influences?
BS: We all come from different musical backgrounds but running similarities are The Beatles, Dylan, Oasis, Kinks, CSN&Y, The Byrds, The Animals, Oldies and Motown.
TD: What artists (local, national and/or international) are you currently listening to?
BS: Dr. Dog is always playing in someone’s car, Mumford & Sons, Delta Spirit, Dan Auerbach, M. Ward, Broken Bells, Fruit Bats…
TD: What's the first concert that you ever attended and first album that you ever bought?
BS: The first real concert I ever attended was Bruce Springsteen with my Dad…amazing…I never looked back. The first album I ever bought was Weezer's Blue Album and Oasis' What's the Story Morning Glory…same time in a CD shop called Tin Pan Alley in Hamburg, PA.

TD: What do you love about Philly?
BS: I love the music scene number one, great camaraderie and support for other bands…and of course, the beautiful women.

TD: What do you hate about Philly?
BS: Traffic, getting to Philly from "Dutch Country"…there's also too much of the same thing going on musically…

TD: What are your plans for 2010?
BS: We are currently working on our debut record with Candy Colored Dragon and Issac Betesh. Hopefully it will be ready to go by the fall. Other than that, playing everywhere we can, writing songs and working with The Children's Alopecia Project.
TD: What was your most memorable live show?
BS: Opening up for Dave Davies of the Kinks....just ask Brad.

TD: What's your favorite thing to get at the deli? 
BS: Thanksgiving on a roll please.
- The Deli Staff



Benefit for the Bird at The Fire July 19

It will be a very family-like environment at The Fire tonight when Hezekiah Jones, Cowmuddy, The Spinning Leaves and The Fractals take the stage for a “Benefit for the Bird”. (Update: Benefit is for Philly artist Amy Bird to help cover some hospital costs after an accident. Where's our Obama Care!?!) Looks like this is a last minute/unannounced show because it doesn’t appear to be on any of the artists’ calendars. You can also catch Hezekiah Jones later this week when he performs at the North Star Bar with Frog Holler and Sister 3. The Fire, 412 W. Girard Ave., 9pm, $6, 21+ (Photo by Lisa Schaffer) - H.M. Kauffman