Pony Pants Startin’ a Party in My Pants at Danger Danger Gallery Feb. 19

Delaware explants turned Philly three-piece, Pony Pants’ anthems are both parts genius and nonchalance. Frontwoman Emily J.K.’s vocals are a dead ringer throwback to Pretty Girls Make Graves’ The New Romance, serving up sentimental party tracks about best friends, lovers, booze and life. Coupled with backbeats and sick riffs by the Brothers Ellis, Pony Pants display near reckless abandon in their honesty and understated nostalgia. Their latest full-length, Til Death Do Us Party pays perfect homage to 20-something feelings and discernibly punk rock roots. Anyone who’s had the privilege of catching their antics live can attest to their enigmatic knack for rocking out, turning any crowd from apathetic to frenetic within minutes of their first song. So join the party in my pants (oops, I meant “with Pony Pants” or did I?)! Danger Danger Gallery, 5013 Baltimore Ave., 9pm, $5-10 donation, All Ages - Dianca Potts

Pissed Jeans Get Pissed at The Khyber Feb. 19

Sup Pop superstars Pissed Jeans have certainly received many accolades for their newest album King of Jeans. And if you caught them at shows like their album release party at Pi Lam, then you know that their sound, which has already stayed truest to the grunge filled days of Sub Pop old, has evolved to a whole other level of brash and heavy punk. The band is set to venture on a spring tour starting in April. But before their journeys, they’re ready to crank up the instruments for another round of in your face aggression at The Khyber tonight. The Khyber, 56 S. 2nd St., 9pm, $8, 21+ - Bill McThrill

WPO's Balkan Dance Party Takes Over JB's Feb. 19

West Philadelphia Orchestra is a very strange and intriguing mix between an actual orchestra and a gypsy folk band. There is definitely a middle-eastern vibe around the music as well. The mix of strings, horns, and percussion is well composed, and highly thought out. It is very dynamic, rising and falling, never going in quite one direction or the other. For such a large group, all of the instruments are surprisingly in perfect synchronicity and harmony with each other, working together to provide full, precise songs. It also seems that every instrument, and there are many, has its time to shine, so this also demonstrates a tremendous group effort. There is something to be said about their live show in particular, though. This group of wonderfully talented musicians plays off of each other with ease, and has a huge amount of energy in every show. It appears to be a dancing, shouting, and clapping extravaganza for the audience, as full crowd participation is encouraged. Don’t miss a chance to be part of the show tonight at Johnny Brenda’s as West Philadelphia Orchestra joins Slavic Soul Party for a “clash of the avant brass bands”. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9 pm, $10, 21+ - James Sanderson

SuperGoose Bringin’ the Nasty to the M Room Feb. 18

When attempting to describe a band, it's always easy to simply start at their name and give some indication as to whether the name relates to the overall sound. A name like SuperGoose poses somewhat of a challenge, but after thinking long and hard, it's decidedly pretty spot on for a band that takes two different mindsets and melds them into something hard-hitting, but still unabashedly fun. Giving old-school rock riffs an electro facelift, SuperGoose is a bubbling pot of bassy, fuzzed-out chords, menacing drones, and squelching keys, all anchored by propulsive beats. Catch them tonight with Hair Rocket, Nude Beach and Lookbook. M Room, 15 W. Girard Ave, 9 pm, $8, 21+ - Joe Poteracki



The Armchairs Keepin’ It Simple at Danger Danger Gallery Feb. 18

Simplicity is what makes The Armchairs an incredible band. It is the fact that they can use so few instruments and still get such an enormous sound that makes them altogether more interesting than most of their type. These four men provide listeners with their own take on the ever-popular psychedelic pop that has swept through Philadelphia’s music scene. This twist on an old classic includes, but is not limited to, authentic 60’s style vocals, herein meaning that there are multiple voices, airy and well balanced, plus minimalistic organ and guitars that blend together for a beautiful harmony. Songs are short and sweet, and never linger too long on certain parts making for a fast-paced and upbeat experience. Most notable amongst there repetoire are the songs “Nebraska” and “Little Sammy Ghetz,” the former focusing more on those shimmering vocals that give the band a Zombies vibe, and the latter doing quite the opposite and featuring a very tight-knit instrumental, jammy bridge. Tonight at Danger Danger Gallery is your chance to see what is likely to be a very energetic performance that incorporates all of the above. Danger Danger Gallery, 5013 Baltimore Ave., 8pm, $5 - $10 Donation, All Ages (Photo by Kate Bracaglia) - James Sanderson