Party Photographers Wanna Take Your Picture at KFN March 28

Ah, reverberating vocals buried in waves of hazy distortion. Count me among those who feel Philly needs more of a shoegaze scene (I'm not the only one, right?). Thankfully, Party Photographers are here to up the quota when it comes to introspective rock n' roll rhythms that lie firmly between the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain and Black Tambourine (perhaps a more feminine version of the former, and a more rockin' latter). Bouncy leads found in tracks like "Piano Vache" are the perfect counterpart to the claustrophobic psychedelia of "Four Legged Bird". If you want to get lost in some hazy drug dreams (without, necessarily, taking drugs - well, you can if you want to), head over to the Kung Fu Necktie where these guys and gals are joined by Beaches, Love of Diagrams and Mothers Day. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 North Front Street, 8 pm, $5, 21+ - Joe Poteracki



Gemini Wolf Remix Album Release Partay at Tritone March 27

Tritone will be holding a dance partay tonight when Gemini Wolf celebrates the release of Rare But Serious Side Effects, a remix album for Synchronized Eyes, on local label earSnake. They’ll be joined by fellow earSnaker and one woman dance partay herself Lillie Ruth Bussey (whom we heard will be getting an extra-long set for the evening) as well as “mad scientist” and former Girls Rock Philly camper Attia Taylor. So grab a city special and fried candy bar before you start jammin' on the one! Tritone, 1508 South St., 9pm, $5, 21+ - H.M. Kauffman



Jukebox the Ghost Back Home at JB’s March 27

While you’re waiting for Jukebox the Ghost’s yet to be released album with Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Mates of State) of Tarquin Studios, the boys will be ending their trip from SXSW and run with Tally Ho tonight at Johnny Brenda’s. You should come out and welcome them back because rest assured that they’ll be off and running from city to city again. But when they take the stage and break out classics like “Hold It In” and “Good Day” as well as the tandem guitar riffs and piano rhythms, it should feel like old times. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 9pm, $10, 21+ - Bill McThrill



Weekend Warrior, March 26 - 28

In case you missed our SXSW recap, one of West Philly’s finest Grandchildren wowed audiences during their shows, which included a trippy set with some man-made visuals at The Beauty Bar. This was all part of a southbound tour that included an appearance at this year’s VOV Festival in Arkansas. But now the band is finally ready to return back to homebase West Philly. Before they officially play a show at Danger Danger Gallery, Grandchildren is ready to bring a little bit of action to its neighbor Elena’s, and host an event like it has never seen before. They’ll be joined by another set of West Philly neighbors in Da Comrade!, who have really been making the rounds on the Philly circuit since the release of their newest album. Also on the lineup is TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb, who may be pulling an all-nighter bender on Baltimore Ave. since they just played Danger Danger Gallery last night. Elena’s, 4912 Baltimore Ave., 9:30pm, $5, 21+

Other places to hide this weekend from the flash mobs…
Johnny Brenda’s (1201 N. Frankford Ave.) SAT Jukebox the Ghost
North Star Bar (2639 Poplar St.) FRI Panic Years EP Release Party w/Robes and Overlook
The Fire (412 W. Girard Ave.) FRI The National Rifle, SAT Urban Giants and McRad
M Room (12 W. Girard Ave.) FRI Adam & Dave's Bloodline and Knife Show, SUN Ganto Barn
Tritone (1508 South St.) SAT Gemini Wolf, Lillie Ruth Bussey, Attia Taylor, SUN The Wallace Brothers Band
Blockley Pourhouse (3801 Chestnut St.) FRI Toy Soldiers, The Tressels, El Fuego,
SAT Igor's Egg
Danger Danger Gallery (5013 Baltimore Ave.) SAT Chasing Arethusa
Pi Lam (3914 Spruce St.) FRI Big Attack!
Tin Angel (20 S. 2nd St.) SAT Xande Cruz
The Trocadero (1003 Arch St.) FRI The Joe Jordan Experiment
The Ox (2nd and Oxford St.) SAT Rosetta
JR's Bar (2327 S. Croskey St.) FRI Tough Shits and The Peace Creeps, SAT Party Photographers, Signals



Toy Soldiers Storming the Banks of The Blockley Pourhouse March 26

Don’t let the name fool you, Toy Soldiers are not the kind of band you want to play around with. Let’s just say that I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with the right fist of any of the male members. Not to mention that all those ferocious yet sultry female members could probably drink me under the table and bury a heel to my manhood. No, these Temple nice guys’ and sweethearts’ driving force of the evening are to have the best time ever on stage (and hopefully the audience will join them). Their energetic blues/folk ditties are even more radiant thanks to their jovial bluegrass-tinged harmonies that will have you singing along without even realizing it. I believe that I made a vocal comparison between singer Ron Gallo and self-proclaimed genius Ryan Adams, and I have found it more and more true, except Gallo has an even more impressive range and isn’t stuck constantly trying to replicate his forefathers. They recently announced that their album Whisper Down the Lane will get nationally re-released May 18th, 2010 on Drexel’s Mad Dragon Records, so go them. Other bands on the bill include The Tressels from “Tresselmania, Pennsylvania” who, with songs like “Brothel Blues” and “Prison Wine”, sound like they should be right at hom on this bill. Along with them will be El Fuego who I was lucky enough to catch live completely by accident a couple years ago, and it was one of the better mistakes of my life, my two-year-old boy topping that list. Just kidding I hate kids. They played a sweet mix of garage-rock and Against Me!-style punk that will either have you holding your lighter or punching your neighbor, your choice. Don’t miss out! The Blockley Pourhouse, 3801 Chestnut St., 9pm, 21+ - Adam G.