Artist(s) Who Deserve Your Friendship: Vilebred


This week’s featured artist(s) is Vilebred who is led by Sam Vile on guitar, keyboards and vocals. Yes, there is another Vile on the Philly indie music scene. Sam is Kurt Vile’s little brother, and the apple doesn’t seem like it falls far from the tree. He’s young with plenty of raw talent. His songwriting shows a lot of maturity for such a baby-faced kid, and his passionate vocals and catchy, interesting lyrics make me believe that we’ll be hearing plenty more from him in the future. (It also looks like he’s inherited the long, wavy Vile rock n’ roll locks.) - Q.D. Tran



Satanized Releases a Limited Edition Split 7” with Aids Wolf


From the depths of Hell (well, actually the headquarters of Badmaster Records in W. Philly), Satanized brings us a limited edition split 7” with the Canucks from Montreal Aids Wolf. Side B features one long track by Satanized called “Hope Is Lack of Information” that Badmaster says sounds like “a 24 hour shift at a steel mill turned mental institution that only employs the criminally insane. Lots of blood everywhere on this one. Brutal sonic violence. Satanized produce a truly great recording that captures everything that makes this band so awe-inspiring in a live setting. This 7” will leave you holding your lover a little bit closer at night and questioning the morality of bringing a child into this uncaring world.” Hmm…maybe this did come from the depths of Hell. Well, you can also purchase it at http:/// - H.M. Kauffman



Cold Cave and A Sunny Day in Glasgow on!

Just wanted to send out some love to a couple of local bands blowing up on the national scene and doing Philly proud. Below are live performances from Cold Cave and A Sunny Day in Glasgow courtesy of Tunnelvision on The first video is Cold Cave from November 11, 2009 at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco performing “Life Magazine” from their debut full length Love Comes Close, and it is followed by A Sunny Day in Glasgow from December 13, 2009 at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC performing “The White Witch” and “Failure” from their latest release Ashes Grammar. We hope that you enjoy them!

- The Deli Staff

The Extraordinaires Bring Their Madcap Hijinx to JB’s Jan. 9


Words fail a writer somewhat when trying to classify a group like The Extraordinaires. Are they folkies? Are they old-timey, boogie woogie saloon music? Are they Beatles-esque, 60's pop? All of these things are accurate to some extent, but you can't help but feel a little guilty after saying each of them because it's quite clear that The Extraordinaires occupy their own oddly familiar universe. However, one thing that's constant is their theatrics and off-kilter sense of humor. They have a song called "Hi Five the Cactus" (about a cactus fellow named Hi Five who enjoys giving hi-fives...seriously). Their albums are released as conceptual, hand-made storybooks. But there's a distinct difference between nonsense and gimmickry, and The Extraordinaires certainly aren't gimmickry, as their fun melodies and memorable lyrics attest to. And fresh off a stint of shows with gypsy-punk pioneers Gogol Bordello, they show no signs of stopping. Enjoy them tonight at Johnny Brenda’s when members of The Armchairs join Jay Purdy and Matt Gibson on stage as part of their madcap band with opener New Jersey’s Real Estate! Johnny Brenda's, 1201 N. Frankford Ave, 9 p.m., $10, 21+ - Joe Poteracki



Levee Drivers Ready to Kick Some Ass at North Star Bar Jan. 9


After such a strong showing in our annual Best of Philly Emerging Artists Open Contest, it’s nice to see that we’ll already have a chance to hear Levee Drivers perform live in 2010. It seems like this band “born in the wrong era” is beginning to make their mark on the present landscape of the local indie music scene. Count on their sound to emulate artists like The Man In Black and Wilco when they rock out tonight at North Star Bar. They’ll be joined by Yardley’s powerpopsters Run To Sandy. North Star Bar, 2639 Poplar St., 9pm, $8, 21+ - Bill McThrill