Coma Figura's bedroom opus

The space between your eyes and your cerebellum; the weird spiraling flesh that juts out the sides of your head, the gateway to your nervous system, has just been filled by Coma Figura. What could be a more soothing intruder than the clean tones and soulful rasp of an Arthur Russell protégé, or the melodic honey drip from A Band of Bees Bee-side? Coma Figura have figured out how to keep it smooth in a Fleetwood Mac ‘Bare Trees’ kind of way, while maintaining the lyrical flips that will keep the listener on the edge of their seat.


Seattle Deli's Artist of the Month: Cabana

You just found your mom’s mushroom hoard so naturally you steal them, because you don’t really want your mother to be doing mushrooms for fear that she’ll have a bad trip and make you clean your room, even though you’re 28 years old and she really has no authority over you anymore. So you ingest the dang things, choking them down all the way because they’ve been stored next to a bottle of patchouli, and you wait. In the meantime you put on Eric’s Trip and wonder why bands can’t be this good anymore.

All of the sudden you find yourself online, on shrooms, (because it’s 2015 and we don’t go outside anymore) and you start reading the Seattle Deli. You take one look at the banner at the top and you’re all like “who the fuck is Cabana?” So you take a chance and click through. Suddenly, you are sucked into this new ecosystem we’re calling bandcamp, where bands are kings, queens and denizens alike. Where musical theory is the only law and even it can be broken at any moment, and nationwide healthcare means listening binaural beats and a Shepard’s tone.

Meanwhile Eric’s Trip has stopped, but just as suddenly as you clicked through a new song begun -It’s not Eric’s Trip, nor is it the Smashing Pumpkins; it’s not Galaxie 500 either! Your eyes have become deaf and your ears are blind to anything other than this and you’ve become consumed by the new sound that surrounds you: Cabana! And what a glorious sound it is! The guitars are as fuzzy as they are clear, while the vocals make a child of the 90’s want to crawl back into the womb and be reborn so that they can hear those classic songs for the first time again. Thanks to Cabana though we don’t have to do that because they have taken us directly to the 90’s, passing through the Paisley Underground and picking up Jason Spaceman along the way, all while we sit comfortably at home drooling into our macbook retinas.

Blame it on the mushrooms, or blame it on technology, either way if you hadn’t been guided by voices you may have never discovered Cabana. So, thank you oh! Great deities of the Dream Syndicate, for you have guided mine ears to thine great auditory shelter from the coldness of the future of music: ALL HAIL CABANA.


Julia Shapiro's Slammin' Seattle Mixtape

Seattle's cool-punk sage Julia Shapiro has put together an awesome mix-tape of some of Seattle's finest pre-post-garage-fi-no-drone-outside-wavers. Listen closely and you might hear some of Chastity Belt's subliminal influences shine through; from So Pitted's grimy 'Cure' infection, to TacocaT's fuzzy cat-call sarcasm. Or maybe don't think about it too much and just kick out these jams and have a real cool Monday.

Hippy Shit - Pony Time

Hurt (Closer to P edit) - Punishment

Tell Me - S

I want To Believe - Lisa Prank

Hey Girl - TacocaT

Couches - Wimps

Deep Throat - Stickers

The Sickness - So Pitted

Sequins - VATS

Ghoul - Dude York

Seattle Bands from juliamshapiro on 8tracks Radio.


Red Ribbon's Euphoric Nu-gaze

Red Ribbon immediately hits with a wave of uncontrollable nostalgia; jarring loose fragments of hazy post-rock idioms that coalesce with the feeling of Codeine rippling over your eardrums. ‘Whatever I can get’ is a melancholic pastiche of the crippling affliction of acquiescence, and while singer Emma Danner yields to what ever she can get, she also warns that “you’re going down with me,” an admonition that is as soothing as it is eerie. Musically, the spindly guitar recalls 'Misery is a Butterfly' era Blonde Redhead, while the rhythm draws inspiration from an anemic Land of Talk rapping on the door to your Memoryhouse.

Find yourself overcome with glowing euphoria tonight with Red Ribbon and more at Vermillion. 8PM. Free.


Hot Rocks and Fazed Cookies at Magma Fest 2015

Magma Fest 2015 is here! For the entire month of March the wonderful people at Hollow Earth Radio will be throwing shows at multiple venues and non-venues alike, all of which are all ages. Last week we saw Chastity Belt play at a boxing ring next to a community garden in the Central District. This week on Friday, March 20th we are brought an exceptionally well curated event at The Cockpit (an unassuming little alleyway in the middle of Capitol Hill), featuring some of Seattle’s most known unknown…

While there are definite nods to prog-rock in Bod’s sound they ultimately replace quantity with quality, a trait that prog-rock has a hard time doing. Gigantor begins by fooling you into thinking that you accidentally put on the soundtrack to Labyrinth, which is immediately, yet so casually, tossed aside when the verse introduces an organ and drum machine duet reminiscent of Clinic. Cue the mellotron and… ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space, but not for long; incomes a chorus that has us exclaiming YES In a roundabout way…

A gazebo is both a symbol of elegance, while simultaneously being an outpost for bums and teenagers to smoke spliffs in. It’s in the disparate parts where we find the charm of this strange but alluring structure. Similarly, Gazebos the band creates a whimsical mélange of sweet AND savory powerpop. Singer, Shannon Perry croons like Exene Cervenka singing Strange Fruit, while the band dangles the jangle of Television personalities and dance around power pop ballads in a pair Black Vinyl Shoes, in a way only R. Stevie Moore knows how to do. So naturally, it’s no surprise to see that the great R. Stevie and Gazebos have, in fact, collaborated.

Great Spiders is the pseudonym of a guy named Omar. We imagine Omar as a shy kid with a bowl cut who listens to Steeleye Span, and Brewer and Shipley and other 70’s AM radio gems, while daydreaming about one day when a real girl will ask him to dance. On ‘Get Out of Love’ exactly that happens, and Omar finds himself falling for a girl who listens to Slade and The New York Dolls. She is embodied by a riff so classic rock it ain’t funny, which throws Omar’s song legs akimbo and has him asking how to get out of love. It leaves him wishing for something more in between, something more casual, like hanging out down the street with big stars in the sky and not in our eyes.

Closing out the night will be Religious Girls (the only non-Seattle band of the evening who are as equally amazing as the Seattle bands) and are not to be missed!