The Deli SF's Weekend Highlights For 4/29-5/1

Spring is here, which of course generally means for the local music scene that we'll be seeing a lot of our favorites kicking off tours and heading out for the summer. With that in mind, this weekend finds us with a few shows good shows as well as a send off for one local favorite embarking on an east coast tour.

Start your weekend off by heading out to the Hotel Utah on Thursday the 29th, for something of a hoe down with the folk-y bluegrass stars TV Mike and the Scarecrowes along with The Big Nasty and 49 Special, 9pm.

The centre of a lot of this weekends activity, Bottom of the Hill will be hosting Spency Dude and the Doodles along with out-of-towners Disappears and The Ponys, 10pm.

Certainly the show to see this weekend will be Maus Haus with White Cloud and Rafter this Saturday, once again at Bottom of the Hill. Maus Haus will heading to the East Coast shortly thereafter touring to support their recently released 7-inch Winter/Zig Zag and its accompanying EP Sea Sides (currently the Deli SF's Album of the Month). For those in Oakland and too lazy to cross the large body of water separating you from the Bottom of the Hill, fear not. Maus Haus will also be playing the Uptown on Thursday the 29th with Javelin and The Splinters, 9pm. So if you haven't seen them in a while you really have no excuse this weekend - go out and check out some of their wonderful new songs, and perhaps a few old favorites.


-Ada Lann


Cash-strapped, 924 Gilman sounds the alarm

924 Gilman is a place that needs no introduction. The 23 year old Berkeley venue is a Bay Area institution in music history. They wrote the book on all ages shows long before venues in San Francisco started getting threatened by the ABC for not selling enough tacos. However, last week their website announced that a recent rent hike has put them under serious financial stress and the future is looking questionable. This news is disconcerting from a historical perspective and from a cultural one as well. 924 Gilman provides not only a space for persons of any age to come and see live music, but a space for a niche of music that is often over looked in the current musical trend of catchy melodies and Casio keyboards. And seriously, at what other venue can you go and dine on an organic bean burrito, apple juice and Red Vines for $3.00?

You can help the all-ages, volunteer run, music and performance venue by attending shows, donating to the Alternative Music Foundation and spreading the word.

-Nicole Leigh

Photo by Murray Bowles


Mates of State cover Girls

The married Kansan duo Mates of State recently released a cover version of the Girl's song "Laura" from the San Francisco band's 2009 release Album. The single is part of larger project called Crushes (The Covers Mixtape) due out this summer with re-interpretations of songs from the likes of Tom Waits, Daniel Johnson, The Mars Volta and Fleetwood Mac. It's hard to say if all this hi-profile internet buzz about the release will lead to bigger things for Girls or the Bay Area music scene but something tells me that the band might just see a bump in their sales of t-shirts and frisbees.

 -Nicole Leigh

Photo by Bao Nguyen


Grand Lake releases video, album and opens for Ok Go

Last week, Grand Lake released the video for "Louise (I Live in A Fantasy)" from the fourth-coming album Blood Sea Dream which was co-produced by Jason kick of Maus Haus. This week, they announced they'll be opening for Ok Go at The Fillmore on May 26th. Things are heating up for the Oakland based band so catch an intimate acoustic set with them while you can this Friday, April 23rd at Mama Buzz.

Blood Sea Dream comes out next month off of the Hippies Are Dead label but you can listen to it now on Grand Lake's site.

-Nicole Leigh


The Deli SF's Weekend Highlights For 4/21-4/24

After many a busy week (for music events at least) it would seem the city is taking a bit of a breather with only a couple, but certainly worthwhile, shows slated for this coming weekend.

For an evening easy on the ears, head out to El Rio tomorrow the 21st where minimalists The Matinees will be playing with The Better Maker and The Heated, 9pm.

Thursday at the Eagle Bare Wires will be playing their dirty garage rock with The Fresh & Onlys, Blank Dogs, and Cosmetics, 9pm.

On Saturday you should definitely find yourself wondering over to The Rickshaw where Sleepy Sun will be playing their psychish folk tunes with Little Wings and Late Young, 8:30pm.

A light weekend in comparison to weeks past, but certainly one with some interesting line-ups. Get out, see some live music, and check back again next week for some more suggestions.


-Ada Lann