Ladies Rock Camp Showcase this Sunday

Bay Area Girls Rock Camp has a public event coming up this Sunday, April 11th. For those of you that aren't familiar with the BAGRC, they are the non-profit Oakland organization now in its third year of bringing music education and empowerment to girls ages 8 to 18. Ladies Rock Camp, the weekend program modeled after Girls Rock Summer Camp, features an environment where participants learn/practice instruments, form bands, write an original song, attend workshops, and perform in a live concert in three days. For many of the women, this is the first time with their chosen instrument and maiden voyage of taking the stage.

In addition to seeing some music and supporting a music education program in the Bay Area, attendees of the Ladies Rock Showcase are eligible for drawing prizes such as health and wellness packages from local acupuncturists and yoga studios as well as museum passes and gift certificates. All proceeds go to towards Bay Area Girls Rock Camp and its programs.

Ladies Rock Camp Showcase
Sunday, April 11th - 3pm 
25 Women. 6 Bands. ALL ORIGINAL SONGS!
Oakland Metro Operahouse (630 3rd St., Oakland)
$5-10 sliding scale



The Deli SF's Weekend Highlights For 4/8-4/11

It's another weekend on the horizon and damn it all if the Bay Area is not getting its act together with good shows to get out and see.

Thursday the 8th at Kimo's would be a good place to start for the female-fronted dirty garage sounds of The Mallards with Street Sirens and Trumpet Solo, 9pm.

Of course if you find yourself in Mission on Thursday, instead of up the hill on Polk street, Orchestra of Antlers (who topped the Deli's Year End Readers Poll) will be playing with Not To Reason Why, Clarissa Explainsitall, and Commissure, 8pm.

Reverb-drenched noise rockers Weekend, who currently hold the Deli's Album of the Month award, will be filling up the Hemlock on Friday. Playing with Fever Dream and Australia's Love Diagrams, this show is surely not to be missed, 9pm.

This week certainly seems to have had a lot of mention of the activities of Stomacher (having just won the Deli's Band of the Month followed shortly by the release of a video) and to cap it all off this Saturday they'll be playing at the Great American Music Hall with Tornado Rider, 3rd Rail, and I the Mighty, 8pm. Of course, yet another mention of Stomacher will be garnering some complaints from the peanut gallery concerning overexposure, but to that I say tough titties. I said it once before and I'll say it again, so I can have the credit for accurate prediction: keep your eyes on Stomacher, this will be their break out year.

That about rounds it out for this week. Check back again for another round of picks next week, and bands, do continue to keep us updated on your schedules and you may find yourself mentioned here.

-Ada Lann


Album Review - Pine & Battery: 2

In a current mainstream music climate that views each new song as a disposable commodity, solid musicianship is hard to come by. Which is why it is so refreshing to hear Pine & Battery’s new album, 2. The new release seamlessly blends the styles of Alternative, Rock and Pop into an epic statement to let down your walls and accept life as it comes. From the first track, to the last song front-man Jeff Campbell on guitar offers the perfect counterpoint to Andy Weller’s searing guitar leads while bassist AJ Leighton and drummer Rick Munoz lays down the perfect rock rhythm.

With the first song Alibi, the theme of the album is set as Campbell sings to there are no alibis left, he can see through the facade. With the problem identified, on the next song Brass Tacks Campbell tells us “It’s time to let go.” But even without listening to the words of Campbell’s strong vocals, the guitars throughout the next two songs and the entire album give the listener a sense of becoming free as they weave across the rhythm like a kid in a galactic playground.

The turning point of the album comes with the fifth track, Tide, which aptly lives up to its name as the song starts off with a somber guitar and drums that seem to roll in like the tide. In the song accepting what we have been given finally becomes clear as Campbell belts out “In spite of everything tides bring what they bring/ and wash you away before you’re gone.” With that, the song builds up to a crescendo then dissipates into a hopeful coda which setting up the next song Latest & Greatest perfectly as it rockets out the gate.

Finally our electric journey ends with the epic and brooding song God. In the song, Campbell leaves us admitting that he will never really for sure the mysteries of life and yet somehow he is ok with this. This sentiment is echoed nicely with the raw sweeping guitars that seem to reverberate across the dimensions of time. From start to finish, 2 is a solid listening experience which makes me wish there were more bands like Pine & Battery, who actually release statements with substance.

-Nick Codling

Check out Pine & Battery on April 23rd at Bottom of the Hill.


New Video From Stomacher - "Untitiled/Dark Divider"

Stomacher, recent winners of the Deli SF's band of the month poll, have just recently released a new video for their song "Untitled/Dark Divider." A visually stunning stop motion montage, this video is an impressive pensive compliment to the spacious and contemplative track that it accompanies. The video is currently featured on Vimeo's home page, and has already reached 7000 views. Check it out!


-Ada Lann


Remixes: Philip Seymour Hoffman - Spring Break 2011 (railcars 'Summer in Space' mix) (aka Mojitos on Mars)

With an interesting bit of news to start off your weekend, Friday sees the continuation of a recent trend of avant/noise artist's remixing each others songs. Recently we posted about a number of remixes that were done of the railcars' song "Cathedral with No Eyes;" now it seems the railcars are beginning to return the favor. Good friends of the railcars, New York's Philip Seymour Hoffman, have apparently been gaining a lot of traction, going on tour with Truman Peyote, so the railcars decided to give their song "Spring Break 2011" their own treatment. Check it out below.


-Ada Lann