SXSW 1st day: Suckers, Black Taxi, Roky Erickson, Okkefville River

The first day of SXSW is like the first day of school; you’re excited, nervous, and seemingly prepared. Unlike school, however, SXSW is never boring. After my first ever flight through Detroit and an early morning dash to registration at the Austin Convention Center, I scampered off to Rusty Spurs for Deli sponsored Music Tech Mash Up party, where line-up improvements kept me corralled. The event spanned two days and squeezed in fifty bands at Rusty Spurs, a tri-room gay saloon (how cool is that?) decorated with cowboy boots and Texas trinkets. The Mash Up party celebrated the collaboration of various industries, music, merchandise, and new media technology. Upon arrival, sound spewed from every corner of the venue as bands performed on the main indoor stage, in the lounge, and on the outdoor patio. Mid-day, the barbeque was fired up to feed South by South West goers with free burgers and chicken while they enjoyed the second day of the extravaganza’s hefty line-up. Some of the early-morning performers included LA-based, disco-influenced pop-rockers, Foster the People, dancey R'n'B from Toronto, Curtis Santiago, and Las Vegas’s new-wave, electro-pop, Imagine Dragons. Pleasant surprises added at the last minute, such as Brooklyn’s Black Taxi, and Washington D.C.’s alternarockers, Hotspur, caught the ears of those passing by and reaffirmed excitement for SXSW.

Following a quick Tex-Mex bite and nearly sun-burning in a line for the Paste Magazine Party at The Galaxy Room, I witnessed the last of the Suckers’ (top pic) set and the first part of rock-meets-singer/songwriter Austinites, Roky Erickson with Okkervil river (bottom pic). The day pushed on as I went off the beaten path to Hyde Park Bar and Grill(South) where The Whiskey Rebellion’s evening of music and literature featured NYC’s The Shake who enlivened the venue’s calm St. Patrick’s Day. Due to overcapacity venues back on 6th Street, my night was curtailed. Tomorrow would be a new day with much music to hear. - Meijin Bruttomesso


SanFolk Disco with Bart Davenport, JL Stiles

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"SanFolk Disco is the brainchild of JL Stiles and he is the glue that will hold each of these bills together like a secretly broken vase by opening and hosting each show. If you do not know of his incredible talents already, here are three facts you need to know immediately: Fact #1: JL Stiles is the freakiest white fingerpicking guitarist in this great country right now. Fact #2: JL Stiles believes he has come up with the algorithm for the pure soul of music. Fact #3: JL Stiles has a mind that sees music in a similar way to how J.S. Bach saw music, however Bach never played the blues. "Simultaneously classic and original, Stiles lays into his 12-string guitar with the vigor and ambition of a streetwise punk who just discovered Leo Kottke" (Blues Revue)

SanFolk Disco is a new monthly series of shows that aim to hover over the bountiful but disparate music scene of the great, legendary city of San Francisco, Ca, and, just as in bygone eras of pre-history, reach a bony hand from above to three blazing comets of musical ice and fire, and collide them monthly at a specified place and time in The Universe. The next show is on April 15th at Cafe Du Nord, SF, 8pm, featuring Bart Davenport, J.L. Stiles & Kacey Johansing, the following show will be May 13th, also at Cafe Du Nord, SF, featuring Eric Mcfadden, JL Stiles & Jenny Kerr. SanFolk Disco demands that you become a good citizen and have a damn good time while doing it.



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<p>With the feel of a desperate man at his breaking point, beseeching an immeasurable abyss, <a href="http://www.myspace.com/weekendmusic">Weekend&rsquo;s</a> debut 10-inch EP is a considerable needle to thread though the ear. Though fuzz inadequately describes the level of distortion on the guitars, Weekend&rsquo;s hypnotic noise-rock owes much to A Place to Bury Strangers and the traditions of My Bloody Valentine and Yo La Tengo, but imbues the complexity of that shrill, droning musical style with the tender na&iuml;vet&eacute; of best of saccharine pop melody. </p> <p>Rocking back and forth like a hand on a cradle, &ldquo;All American&rdquo; opens up the EP with equal parts penetrating guitar and a lulling rhythm and melody line. It has the soothing quality of falling asleep with your head next to an open window in a car speeding down the highway. As the song progresses and the guitars layer, Weekend creates an intricate space of almost white noise in which the listener may wander about. There is much to explore in the delicate layers of texture, while a disembodied voice continuously ask us where we are going. </p> <p>Flipping over, &ldquo;Youth Haunts&rdquo; opens up with a piercing squeal that rang through my apartment, startling me and waking the neighbor&rsquo;s baby. Needless to say, he wasn&rsquo;t happy. With a driving melody like pistons slamming, &ldquo;Youth Haunts&rdquo; ebbs and flows like an elaborate sea of noise. Between the two I&rsquo;d say this is my favorite. Though both have a lot to offer, &ldquo;Youth Haunts&rdquo; has wraith-like eeriness to it with several lovely different sounds to seek out in each listen. </p> <p>Permeated with tangible chills, Weekend&rsquo;s EP is certainly not for the faint of heart. Layered in textures of fuzz and distortion, this EP offers as much as it asks from the listener and should be a part of any noise-connoisseur&rsquo;s collection. </p> <p>-Ada Lann </p> <p>Weekend's debut 10-inch can be purchased <a href="http://mexicansummer.com/release.php?artist=54">here</a> from Mexican Summer. Download cards are available with purchase.</p>

The Deli SF's Weekend Highlights For 3/18-3/21

With a new week upon us it's once again time for another round of show highlights from around the city.

On Thursday the 18th at the Cafe Du Nord Love is Chemicals (who recently impressed Nicole at a free Noise Pop Happy Hour Show) will be opening for HIJK's CD release party along with Rademacher, 8pm. Free copies of HIJK's CD will be given out with the purchase of advanced tickets, so head over here to get your ticket and album.

They who run things over at Hemlock have put together quite the eclectic show this Friday. For something a little different than the usual indie rock that graces our ears check out local electronic artist Deceptikon with out of towners Tik///Tik, Captain Ahab, and Twin Crystals, 9:30pm.

Saturday night Xiu Xiu will be returning briefly to San Francisco to play an all ages show down at Bottom of the Hill, 10pm.

If non of strikes your fancy, Sunday night at Kimo's Rollercoaster will be playing with the intensely loud Sweet Nothing and Seattle garage punk-rockers Watch It Sparkle.

Well that about covers this week. Tune in next Tuesday for another round of selections.

-Ada Lann


Live Review: Epic Sauce Presents French Miami, White Cloud, and Silian Rail @ Milk

With turn out last Thursday at Milk being quite impressive, kudos should be thrown in the direction of Epic Sauce for putting together a great show. The crowd was thick and all ears were open, and though (much to everyone's chagrin) the drink specials ran out in all of about 5 minutes, there was for the most part a good night of music to be had in the Haight.


Silian Rail were the first up laying down there minimalist post-rock. I've seen Silian Rail a few times, and while I like their music on a fundamental level I'm usually left wanting more by the end of their sets. There is something of an oxymoron in minimalist post-rock as that style in many ways demands an orchestra. There is always a certain amount of tension in the give and take of instruments in any particular post-rock song -- when split between several instruments there is fascinating power relationship to listen for, but with just the two it becomes more of a fight for one to be heard over the other. These two talented musicians are making interesting music, but if they fleshed out their sound with more bodies on stage they could take their music from intriguing to downright compelling.

White Cloud came up next, and it's been a while since I've seen them. They seem to have shed most of their garage-rock elements and replaced them with reverb-drenched psyche. Still just as fascinating to listen to, White Cloud's wall of sound hit the crowd like a tsunami. Nabbing little snippets of unique tones, I sat in the incredibly dim light and swam through their layers of echoing sounds.

French Miami closed out the night and were everything you would expect. Playing their math-rock influenced dance-punk, they hammered away squealing guitar lines over synth sounds and heavily hit drums. Playing mostly from their last record, we were lucky enough to catch a couple of new tunes. It would seem they have a new record coming out this summer, anticipation abound.

Minus the almost immediate disappearance of cheap drinks, Epic Sauce put together quite a good show. This is the first in a weekly series from them so keep an eye on their site for future gigs and if you can make it, head up to Milk next Thursday for the next show.


-Words and Photos by Ada Lann