Tight and tuneful, prog-rockers Deaf Scene return with new music video

After turning heads with their 2014 release "Three Pound Universe" Baltimore's Deaf Scene returns with a music video for the song "Acid Fight" from their upcoming album. The group adds so many crystal clean ornamentations to the groove in this track that the ornamentations seem to seamlessly build on top of each other to the point where it's hard to tell whether the song is still in 4/4 or some other time signature altogether. The unstoppable groove and the often soulful guitar timbres result in pure head-banging bliss.

Here is the new music video for “Acid Fight” from Deaf Scene

-Michael Dranove


Wooden/Apple/Heart's new folk-based album

Local band Wooden/Apple/Heart incorporates rhythmic folk instrumentals, quiet harmonizing vocals, and experimental sounds to create a skillful haziness. In their new album,  The First Woman to See Her Reflection in the World Before Mirrors, the group employs a modern, experimental-folk approach to music-making; inclusive of jumpy and innovative percussion, layered guitar riffs and occasional background samples. The track “Nora,” reinforces the band’s drifting manner, traveling between a gentle scenery and a lively upbeat mood. Listen to the album below. -Tafari Lemma


Minor Poet's single "River Days" from debut album, releasing 08.25

It's difficult not to get lost in the lush, lucid indie-rock of Minor Poet. Set to release his debut solo album, And How!, next month, the Richmond-native songwriter sets lyrics inspired by his personal narratives and pairs them with stoic and steady instrumentals. On the recently released single “River Days”, the artist serves a melodic flow that travels and swirls, providing a touchstone for the rest of the album. Listen to the single, “River Days” below. - Tafari Lemma



Shoegaze up and comers Venn at Black Cat July 21st

Channeling the sound of UK 1980s/90s shoegaze and post-punk, Venn has seen success after the release of their debut EP earlier this year. The band has managed to capture the sensitive adrenaline rush, found in the music of My Bloody Valentine and New Order, in their own unique while still paying obvious homage to their forebearers, even producing a cover of the classic New Order song “Ceremony”. This high energy group is sure to put on a great show, so don't give this one a miss!

-Michael Dranove




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