Le VICE at El Rio

Backed by the funk infused bass of Sean Stillinger and the hip hop influenced drum beats of Darrin Thomas, virtuoso guitarist Renzo Staiano and front woman Alex Lee of Le VICE kept bodies moving last Thursday at El Rio. With a little help from some friends singing back up and playing keyboards, the band celebrated the release of their self titled debut by playing several tracks from the album including the catchy come on Uh Huh and introspective Why Fight.

Studio SQ also set up shop recording the whole thing on some technological device that baffles the technologically inept [like myself]. Renzo and Alex really know how to work a crowd and the photo above shows a rare moment when the two were not in continuous motion. There was a lot of love exchanged between the stage and the crowd and the band played until well past midnight when the audience continued to press for more.

If you missed the party, fear not, you can catch Le VICE in two weeks at The Rickshaw on April 2nd.

- Nicole Leigh, words and photo