Grandchildren Definitely Running Up Strongly


Mark my words - if the rock gods are just, then Grandchildren will be HUGE! No one on the local scene impressed me more in 2009. I was instantly drawn in with my first listen of tracks from their debut full length Cold Warrior, a project by Aleks Martray three years in the making. He changed what might have been your average acoustic singer-songwriter material into something accessibly drenched with layers of the most interesting sounds coming out of our local music scene. He also performed a Herculean task of bringing together a group of Danger Danger Gallery talented misfits into a six-piece mind-blowingly dynamic live band. With Cold Warrior scheduled to be released this spring on Green Owl which was responsible for 2009’s critically acclaimed Warm Heart of Africa by The Very Best and is owned by Benjamin Bronfman, M.I.A.’s baby daddy and son of former Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman, Jr., the stars seem to be aligning correctly for this crew of West Philly’s finest. - Q.D. Tran